It's Called Redwing

The name of the tune is called “Redwing”. It’s a bluegrass tune I’ve been learning over at :slight_smile:

I’ve been working hard on it for just about 4 weeks. Must have played it 500 times. At one point had a blister on the
corner of my lip from playing it so much :’(

It’s a Bluegrass tune, was never really into that type of music, but while I’m learning to play some of them they
kind of grow on you 8)

I did the first half with the backing and added some reverb to it. Then I looped it and took the effects out and faded the
backing out.

It’s in the Key of “C” first position.

Two notes slowed me down learning this see if you can hear them, there in the first 35 seconds and it’s a 3 draw full step bend.
Wicked hard at least for me, but I think I got it…(500 takes I should have got it) :-\

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Great job, Joe! Tony has assigned me to the “slow” group; in my Soph. year. You’re doing great.

Hey McManus, Are you taking lessons over there at HA, I don’t remember seeing
you on the forum at all ??? I might have just missed you though :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp on

Great Job, Joe!! Wow! I kinda like those fast tunes also. I’m about ready to post Red Haired Boy.

I am at HA. I have no technological talents to post–and I’m certain the quality of my playing aren’t up to it anyway.

I really like a harmonica player named Dennis Cooper. He just started a site called Harmonica Boot Camp, that goes with the book and CD he and his wife produced. It’s all about basics so you’re past that stage but I really enjoy his music.

Wow I just gave a quick listen to that tune and it’s seems like a OMG!! tune.
Fast ah that’s putting it mildly.

Well I got lesson 9 and 10 there before I get to where your at.

You should learn to record yourself it’s really not to difficult just trial and error. It’ll make you a better harmonica player.
I got to check that harmonica boot camp out ;D

Harp on!!

Dennis has just started that site. Being technologically incompetent I can’t post the song here, but, check out Dennis Cooper on You Tube. I really like his “Good Hearted Woman”. But then I’m ole and grew up in the country listenin’ to Waylon and Willie.

I think I can help you out McManus ;D

All I do is open up a new tab, go to you tube find the video then copy the web address by highlighting the address in the address bar, then put my cursor on it right click hit copy done!! Then go back to where I want to paste it like right here again put my cursor where I want it to paste, right click paste and there it is. Very easy :wink:

Good Hearted Woman

nice job on Redwing, Joe :wink: :wink:

THANK YOU, Joe! How do you like the You Tube video?

When I close my eyes, and listen; It’s 1956, I’m 9 years old, and I’m in Southwest Missouri at one of the country shows in Springfield or Branson.

I have to listen to it again he sounds really talented.

I wish I could stay home but got to get my butt out of here and go make a few sales call lol ;D

Harp on!!