I've Always Liked Joplin...

And for quite awhile way back when, the truck stops out on I-44 were my second and third homes!

So along with me, hopefully your/our thoughts and prayers go out to the fine wonderful folks there:


Amen to that! I was wondering if we had any harp players out there…

I would absolutely love to go help them out, but then again, its 500 miles and I am as broke as they are now!

This has gotta be the worse fiscal year to have all these natural disasters happen…


Well looking back through our member’s introductory posts here, I did come across this:


Thing is, from St. Louis on I-70, you can pick up the crossroads to I-44 South heading down into Joplin a few hundred miles away. And/or vice-versa.

Since Missouri, like Pennsylvania, is a big country state – Don’t matter what part you’re from or in - be it St. Louis, Kansas City or Joplin - you still feel it when your neighbor gets hurt.

But seeing as how POTUS and his Dems have been draining (stealing) our national bank accounts for their own orgiastic ruling pleasures leaving little if any sufficient funds behind for real folks in real needs like this…Oooh, don’t get me started on this one!

Well people will get through it come hell or high water and high winds, no doubt!

And 2012 is getting closer by the day, to boot! Yay!!