Jack Daniels harp

Maybe this has been covered. I searched “Jack Daniels” and got nothing, so I’m asking.
Who makes those Jack Daniels harps? Are they just junk? I’m going to find one even if
it’s unplayable so I can stick it on the shelf and say I have one. It looks cool anyway, just
like all my “project cars” that don’t run yet but look great sitting in rust. Somebody (SPD?)
clue me in if you have any info. Looks like they go pretty cheap. Look cool though. Yee Haa!

I know it’s probably a cheap toy. But I’m intrigued. Or is that in-tree-gued?
I found what seems to be maybe a late 1920’s 260 1/2 Hohner Chromonica with
original box in good shape. I can’t afford what he wants ($225). What I really want is to replace my Dad’s old 64 Chromonica. I loved that old monster. It sure sounded SWEET! One day I’ll be able to get one.

Hi Bugle

Try searching “jack daniels harmonica” on ebay. Right now (7 Oct, 06:40:58 GMT/UTC) there are 4 available, 1 in US and 3 in UK, all new ones.

Are they just toys?

Hey BB!

Even with all the hype - I’d stay away from them. :stuck_out_tongue:


My dad had a chromatic and 12-hole Hohner he picked up when he served in WWII.

Kept them in my mother’s storage bin for safe keeping; but now my bros raped the bin and I think one found them. So I probably won’t ever see them again. :’(

Long story there…but I feel your pain too, yo! :-[

Peace & SPD Out!

I think I might have to get one just as JD memorabilia. Of course, enough JD sort of wipes out the memor from memorabilia…sort of…I can’t remember.

I had a delivery and pick-up at the Jim Beam plant in Kentucky one time.

Mexican g/f and I did the tour and bought some of the good stuff you can’t get in any stores and/or other outlets.

Didn’t have to be anywhere soon, so ended up getting a hotel room for the weekend.

Can’t tell you anything else about what happend next because I don’t remember much afterwards!

Yeah, I feel your buzz, BB!!

Laters, yo!

I’d also like to know if they’re junk. I’ve tried for a week and I still can’t bend notes at all. I’d like to blame the quality of the harp if I can =P

I actually want to learn it properly and not being able to bend is hindering me. Going to get a new one for Christmas but I don’t know where to start.

Has anyone been able to bend with the JD Harmonica?!

I’m sure it is possible, but most of those collectible harps are the cheap made in china ones with special cover plates. Go ahead and get the special 20 for Christmas and you will be way ahead and have a known good harp. Use the JD harp as it was intended, put it on a shelf and collect it.

Just a thought, but the JD cover plates may fit on the special 20 comb.

Thanks a lot, I’ll get the Spec20 =D It’s tried and tested and recommended. Woohoo!

Good idea Gregmatic! I’ve done everything else imaginable to my MB…why not?


The Jack Daniels Harmonica is a Chinese made harmonica.

it is the same thing as a Hohner Blues Band ($4.00 U.S.), it has cool looking mouthcovers, but is in escence a Toy/POS. However, the mothcovers would fit a Special 20, and a Hering Vintage 23. So if touting a whiskey co. advertising logo on your instrument (without compensation) is for you it would cost around fifteen dollars U.S. to do a retro-fit.
The Hohner “Blues Band” is not the same as the Hohner “Blues Harp”.
the Hohner “Blues Harp” is German made and is an instrument not a toy

I actually like the Hohner Blues Harp. Not a bad harp at all.