Jacked up for June!

I don’t really feel like I’ve been the beneficiary of good timing too many times in my life. There have been lots of occasions when I’ve had to say something like, “Man, I’d really like to do that, but I just can’t swing it.”

Well, the latter part of June should be a different story if things fall right. Check this out:

I have kind of a “dead period” with my work from about June 20 until after the 4th of July, so I’d already planned a two-week vacation then.

I plan to spend part of that time visiting friends and relatives where I grew up in rural eastern California. The I’ll head for Angels Camp, where my brother lives and where my niece is getting married on June 25.

To get from where I grew up to Angels Camp, I have to drive right past June Lake. And what’s happening at June Lake from June 20-23? A Jon Gindick Harmonica Jam Camp, that’s what! I just found out about it yesterday and the timing just couldn’t be better. I’ve already exchanged emails with Jon about it and I plan to be there with bells on.

Also, what lives in June Lake? Trout – lots of them and some big ones. The camp consists of three 90-minute sessions each day, which leaves plenty of time for casting a line. I caught a 25-inch rainbow from that lake when I was 14 and maybe I’ll beat that mark on this trip.

This really gives me a lot of incentive to learn more and practice hard over the next four months. I’ve been hassling my brother and niece (half-jokingly) to let me play something at the wedding reception, but they won’t give me the OK until I get there and demonstrate at least a little bit of competence, and my brother put the kaibosh on playing anything similar to the “Orange Blossom Special.”

I really hope the camp gives me the skill and confidence I need to make my stage debut at the reception. In any case, I know it’s going to be a great time in an unbelievably gorgeous setting.


Aw man that is so awesome! Crazy timing, I’m writing one of my newsletters for March, and was just writing about Jon’s June Lake jam camps!!!

You’re gonna have so much fun, and hopefully eat some delicious trout!

Rock on,


Wow, @DitchParrot, this will be so cool! I’m curious if you can play.


Hey Astrid, I’m not 100-percent sure that I won’t wuss out of playing at the reception no matter what my skill level is at that point, as I’ve never been comfortable being the center of people’s attention. It’d be a huge step for me if I could pull it off, though, and definitely something to work toward.


Oh @DitchParrot, I can understand you sooo well because I know the word nervousness or rather “stage fright”. At the end of the year I even opened a thread for this in the forum. You can see that I feel the same way. I used to be so excited that I couldn’t even make sound recordings. Here I see small progress, I manage to make sound recordings for my close circle of friends and within the family. Direct is hardly in it so far because of Covid, but I’m getting more confident. I also hear my weaknesses in tempo or bending when listening. :grin: It is important that you feel comfortable up to your limits. If it doesn’t work, we’ll stick to the “chamber concert”. :wink:

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