Jam night last night

Hi folks! I’m new here and started playing in early march of 2009. At that time i was in a blues band as percussion and vocals…seemed like a good idea to figure out those 4 harmonicas in the desk drawer. The JP allen video on relaxed embouchure changed literally everything about the instrument for me, including the ability to bend for the first time.

Anyway, I am not in any band except my church praise team at the moment. I have had quite a dry spell musically in general. I play many instruments and sing, but life has gotten in the way and not in a good way lately.

Last night i made it out to our local jam for the first time in a couple of months (slacker) and the son of country legend Leroy Van Dyke was there on guitar. We have jammed together quite a few times, but last night it really helped to have such a stellar musician to help me knock the rust off. He is a regular at jam night when his schedule permits. We are very blessed!

The place recently remodeled and put a “stage” area in a very cramped nook. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been in awhile. I sat at a table with my harp-modified samson vocal mic, a cable to the pa and just played from my chair. It was so relaxing and finally someone in the crowd insisted on “turn the harp up!” The jam leader obliged and immediately gave me a “Take one Ron!” in the very next number. Before that, Ben Van Dyke and I had been trading off with simple head nods and I guess the crowd just wanted more harp after awhile. That made me happy, but i didn’t abuse the priviledge…i can play softly, even after you turn me up…too far in this case…lol. With a player like Ben and a jam leader like Brent…the jam always goes great anyway. There are other possibilities that don’t work out that well. If you have a local jam, you know what i mean by that, but these guys and all the drummers (there were 3 last night!) worked great and we really had the place hopping. It was a good jam and I’m glad i went after some hemming and hawing about it.

Excellent! :slight_smile:
Next time bring someone to record a piece of it! :slight_smile:

My wife was there, but she got too busy facebooking…lol. Next time i’ll remind her to get the video camera part of the phone working.

LOL :smiley:

Hi Congaron,

I’m so stoked that you’ve been getting so much out of the lessons and getting out there and jamming!!

Way to go, keep it up!

Your harmonica buddy,