Jamboree night

Well, tonight was Jamboree night, and I played my first songs for a larger public. I played Jambalaya and Blowing in the wind, and that went fairly well, Yes I made a few small mistakes but the crowd was very forgiving. Later they asked me up for one more and I did Sentimental journey. Not that well but they applauded anyway. I was doing some shaking but I enjoyed it very much.There were about 125 people in the crowd and they danced and everything. I was a blast.I’m hooked man. The whole thing was backed by a band consisting of keyboard , guitars and fiddles.They do mostly country and some pop music.Very enjoyable evening. Every body brings some food and there are door prizes etc. For about five buck you can’t have a better night.John


thats sounds so great …


Thats right! Thats how it rolls! One jam…and you’re hooked for life!

Peace Out!


A few years ago, I heard Greg “Fingers” Taylor with Jimmy Buffet. He was backed with 3 girls playing fiddle and it worked very well. I did not hear any clams, but I remember thinking, if he hits a bad note, the fiddles have him covered. Don’t say no to fiddles.