James Cotton's New CD

Just got James Cotton’s new CD “Giant”. It’s pretty good. Like his older stuff better. But after all these years and albums, it’s got to be hard to keep topping them. One thing though about the CD, It’s signed by James Cotton himself. At least that’s what Alligator Records say, and why would they lie. I even got a $2 discount!

Wow, Harp Player! Keep getting them discounts on all those autographed cds and you’ll have saved up enough to get this, still availble:


Rock on, yo!

Thanks gotta check it out if you want to play the blues you got to listen to them a lot :-\

That’s what I’ve been told ;D

Harp on!!

I noticed on the Dylan 7 harp set you get “FREE SHIPPING”. What a deal. I just don’t see how they make any money like that. The harps are only $25,000.

Hey the guy is 70 years old so if you got that kind of dough it just might be a good investment :o

You know what I mean ;D

Harp on!!