HI, I had my first babtism under fire so to speak. In a coffee shop downtown in Newmarket there is an open jam every third Thursday of the month. They let me play along with 4 or five guitars and a base guitar, and another harmonica. They let me play a couple of songs that I knew well and it went swimmingly. What a blast. I had not had that much fun in a long time.Looking forward to doing this sort of thing regularly in the future.John

Well Done Grasshopper! :smiley:
I’m Jealous!

Thank You P.B. for your kind words.I’m sure there must be free jams somewhere in your area I hope.There are a lot of places where amateur musicians get together to have fun.John

There is just 1 but it’s kind of a social jam gathering and not really the atmosphere to step in in the learning mode.
There is 1 harp player in the group. I called him and asked if he would be interested in showing me a thing or to or let me pay him for a few lessons. He said he was with a customer and would call me back. I never heard from him so I guess he wasn’t interested.
I am going to Hill Country Harmonica in May. I am hoping that will get me unstuck/out of this rut. I am really excited about going to this, sounds like a great time!

What is Hill Country Harmonica, is it a school ?John

It is a weekend Camping/Jamming/Teaching Event hosted by Adam Gussow and Jeff Silverman. There will be around 8 or more PRO harp players giving instructions during the day, Everyone Jamming with a professional band in the evenings and the pros put on a show at night.
Check it out at www.hillcountryharmonica.com or search hill country harmonica on facebook or search engine.

Sound like it will be worth every penny.Great!!John

Jamming is amazing…the more the better!