Jason Ricci + Mic = Heck Yeah

Jason Ricci + Mic = Heck Yeah.

Luke Trying Out the Jason Ricci Mic

I’m a big fan of Jason Ricci cos

:point_right: He’s virtuosic

:point_right: He’s got style

:point_right: He’s got heart

:point_right: And he’s got raaaange

What do I mean by range, you ask? :thinking:

Most people, when they think of Jason Ricci, they think of a fast crazy rocker playing lots of fast notes, but he has a very tender side as well; he brings musicality and feeling into all of his playing.

This solo nicely encapsulates it. He starts out so sweet and soulful, and by the end he’s rocking hard.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still displaying a virtuosic command of the upper register of the harmonica while playing in 2nd position on an E harmonica in the key of B, but he’s also playing with a lot of soul, leaving space, and playing with sweet sensitivity.

The opening riffs sound a lot like B.B. King. First: 7 -7 6 -4. Then he leaves space. Then beautiful vibrato on -4 before continuing on to 5 6 -6 -7 -6. The next riff doesn’t sound remarkably different, but requires the execution of a difficult technique called an overblow *5 6 6 -6 6 5 6 -6 6.

In that vid at 7:04 he switches from an acoustic sound (amplified by the PA mic he is using for singing) to an Ultimate 57 from Blows Me Away Productions for some HARD ROCKING. :metal::sunglasses::notes:

Of course, I know these days he only plays his own Jason Ricci Signature Mic from Lone Wolf Blues Company.

I was curious, so I grabbed one and put it up against my Hohner Harp Blaster HB-52.

The Jason Ricci Signature mic ranges $210-$230 (depending on what color :person_shrugging:)

The HB-52 is $180.

:question: So what’s the deal? Is it worth the extra 30-50 bucks (depending on what color, lol.)

As with all gear, this is a very personal preference, but here’s my experience: I took it out of the box, plugged it in, and I instantly fell in love with it. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to use it on my next gig.

What I LOVE about it:

:+1: Tone. Smooth, warm, and buttery. Several people came up to me at the gig and said how my harmonica sounded better than they’d ever heard before. (Yay! :tada:) It’s got the warmth of a Bulletini, but with a little more upper-mids to help it cut through the mix.

:+1: Gain. This sucker is LOUD, and yet it doesn’t squeal (feedback). Compared to the Hohner HB-52 or an SM-57 this thing is twice as loud. When I A/B’d it with my vintage Astatic JT-30, the Astatic shrieked and squealed at the same volume level.

:+1: Ergonomics. Somehow this mic sounds great even when held with one hand. Cupping a bullet mic with 2 hands is not a healthy posture to be in for a 3 hour gig!

:+1: The Volume Knob. When I reviewed the Bulletini mic, I noted the volume knob as an asset (since most vintage mics don’t have ‘em). But when I later used it on a gig, I actually found the Bulletini’s volume knob a bit awkward to use. By contrast, the volume knob on the Jason Ricci mic is SO EASY and intuitive for me to use.

What I DON’T LOVE about it:

Umm….I’m trying to think of something. :rofl:

Of course it would be nice if it was cheaper, but for how it looks, sounds, and feels, I honestly find it to be a GREAT VALUE.

At 30-50 Bucks more than a HB-52, about the same price as a Bulletini, and cheaper (and more durable, and less prone to feedback) than a good vintage mic… it’s hard to complain about the price.

I love this microphone. This is my new #1 go-to microphone.

At times like this I think it’s always good to remind you that I don’t do no paid promotions, yo.


Wow, that guy is kinda scary, but man, can play the harp!


Can definitely hear the dynamics change when he switches microphones…

I’ve only gone acoustic so far, so I don’t know much about this, and I’m afraid to find out… :joy:

I could see myself easily spending a lot of money for all this stuff, but then again, what’s money of you can’t enjoy it hahaha…

What a great example of a guy I’d never seen before. You can really see his diaphragmatic breathing at one point. I wonder if I play like that if my abs will get that way? :thinking: :thought_balloon: :memo:


Lol. That video was like 10 years ago. He’s rather portly now. :rofl: I think his skininess back then was drug-related. :rofl: I’m hoping to meet him next week in St. Louis at SPAH!


You gotta watch this Jim Lil does it again