Jason Ricci

Does anyone know what’s wrong with Jason Ricci? I have picked up on the web suggestions that maybe there’s a problem, like “Jason is doing better” and selling one of his amps to raise money for him on ebay.


Back during the summer, I was on pat missin then did a jump to harp surgery then another leap over to modern blues harmonica…

There was a story and vid circulating about jason ricci needing help…

Seems 2009, was a bad year for him…sounds like mine…

Anywho…there was a fund raiser; and since then, the vid has been removed, he’s found a new band, and released some more vids and cds.

Yours may be an old story or perhaps he’s had another slide…or just raising some $$s for whatever…

I like jason as I like christelle –

I didn’t donate any $$s to jason for the same reason I don’t donate to christelle who asks for donations to get a cd done on her vids –

Am thinking they’re both better off than lil ole me…

But I do support their efforts and enjoy them nonetheless!

Good responce, SPuD! ;D

Had to read through your post to find out what is was you were saying there, Mr. B!

It’s not necessary to put the whole entire quote up to respond…Hehehe!

But anywhere:

Absolutely agree regarding their commercial efforts, but if he were sick that would be different. What was/is his problem, do you know?
I definitely concur. It would be different. I was actually going to donate something. And actually, he wasn't asking for help - his friends were. So I thought okay.

However, during this time, he did find another band to work with; and has been actively performing and releasing other cds.

Plus, the video was removed.

So I guess everything worked out after all.

As far as what was wrong:

As I recall, during the winter, his house had a fire leaving him out in the cold, living with whoever could put him up.

He’s had health issues involving his lungs. He readily admits not so much the cigs, rather his early drug-addled living-on-the-street hard lifestyle.

We had an earlier discussion about one interview out of many he’s given here:

Reply #8-10


Just like, for all intents and purposes, his female counterpart Christelle - Jason is a virtual YouTube staple where anything and everything harmonica is concerned.

So here’s another interesting interview session he did with customizer Ben Bouman. Enjoy!!

Bluesmoose meets Jason Ricci part 3.1 the interview with Ben Bouman The technical Stuff

Bluesmoose meets Jason Ricci part 3.2 the interview with Ben Bouman The technical Stuff

Thanks, SPD!