Jaw and Gut throat vibrato?

Hiya everyone,

If I record a couple of second of me playing a throat vibrato?

Could y’all tell me if I am playing right although I do have a long time profecting the technique?

Hey, if it sounds good to you, then it’s fine. The thing about the harmonica is, everyone has their own technique (whether it’s bending, hand warble, or even a glottal stop). I’m sure we can help you figure stuff out, but in the end, you have to figure it out.

One thing we are no short on around here is opinions! :smiley:
I know where your coming from, you want to make sure your not practicing WRONG…Correct? Post it up. We’ll be nice, but honest!
JJ is correct in the end thou. You will find as you proceed that as you learn to do things and like what your doing you will constantly look for ways to tweak it. I find it beneficial to learn a couple ways to do things (if possible) to keep from being restricted but I get good at 1 before starting the next.