Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

Anybody watch the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons anymore?

I remember back in the day, long before any 24/7 TV appeared - since the telethon ran through the night, after most all stations signed off - it was a treat to keep the telethon on and stay up as long as you could to watch it.

I remember the Frank Sinatra coupe when long after Martin & Lewis had broken up in historic fashion, he finally got Dean Martin to ‘end their fued’ meet up and shake hands with Jerry.

My mom said she had seen Martin & Lewis during one of their tours through Detroit.

They were playing two shows that night. She saw the first, and wanted to see the second. But she said that when Louis Armstrong was playing, the saliva virtually dripped from his lips in waves. This made her and her friends nauseous so they skipped out and went elsewhere. Anywho…

I also went to local stations and worked as a volunteer answering phones for pledges.

Jerry is still alive and kicking after all these years. So I’ll tune into see how he looks this year. But really, does anybody watch the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethons anymore? :-[

No not me not anymore but like you I remember watching as a kid.

Harp on!!

The last time I did Jerry was lookin’ pretty bad. That was several years ago. I’m surprised he’s still around. Maybe I’ll look in to see how he’s doin’.

The weather’s been kind of hot drab and cloudy the past few days…Today looks nice cool and sunny. Time to clean the house, do some laundry, yank some meat (out of the fridge u pervs…mwuahahahaha) and have me a little cook-out!

And ya’ll?!

So I’ve been watching the MDA Telethon on and off already…

Time was when the local stations only had so many minutes before getting back to the Las Vegas broadcast. Not our local station here; it’s chock full of camera whores who just yabber on about sending in donations going way past the limited LV break.

Good thing I have Comcast. And WGN from Chicago is on it! What a classy group of volunteers this is. Last night, Nadia Comenici, Olympic and World Champion Gymnast, was in the Windy City studio. Apparently, she’s married to some other big time athlete and now broadcaster or something. It was fun watching her try to make it through their break. :o

Jerry looks like hell. His tux was way too big, almost clown suit-like. Even John Pinette, one of the funniest comedians on the planet, and a large guy to boot, had enough sense to have his clothes altered/tailored. But not Jerry.

Jerry’s been prickish throughout the years, but this time, he’s just downright rude and bastardly to people. But most of us only see him once a year…And while he looks pretty fragile, very much Dick Clark-like, I still hope he makes it through several more years doing his annual telethons. :slight_smile: