Jimdave here from w. tennessee

Jimdave here. New to the forum. Been playing seriously for about 4 years. Started with utube and didn’t stop untill now. Played every day for almost 4 year but have slacked off some to a few times most per day. Jam with a few groups around the neighborhood but not many serious players around where I live. Hope this forum works out. I play mostly sp 20s and suzuki overdrives with a few s. pro harps and couple of lee oskar mms.Just posted a question about why harps are tuned high. Hope someone can ansure that then I may spend a day tunning all the ones in the case. Thought I’d find out why that is before I tune them. Thanks to all.

Welcome! I too am from W.Tn. about 1hr. south of Jackson. Hope to meet you sometime.
Why is it you want to re-tune your harps?

I have been playing music all my life and have seriously taken up the harp for the last 4 year. I have found that playing single note country with a good band that harmonicas are out of tune and consistantly tunned high. Most people don’t notice especialy on fast songs but it is like having your guitar out of tune and playing with others that are tunned. Of course you can slightly bend a note down to match but wonder why you have to do this. There is a pattern with all my harmonicas, not just one harp or one brand (new or old). I wondered why this would be the case. After checking your refferences (thanks) I plan to re-tune several of my favorite harps. I have retuned a few notes in the past and it makes a world of difference. Just wanted to double check before going to all that trouble.Thanks again to those that reply.