Jingle Bell Rock - Alex Paclin

Happy New Year everybody!


Back Atcha there Ampacillin er um Apaclin uh Alex, yeah!! Hehehehe!

From the gobbledy-gook in your post, I thought: “Oh no! Another spammer!”

Well not “Oh No” for me – Rather them!

Meaning, just recently was given the keys to the Admin functions!

Meaning, instead of doing a Las Vegas Death Ray zap on their posts, I now have the power to kick spammers and the uglies back to their point of conception! Yee haw!

{Now if I was given the keys to the Executive Mens Room around here I’d be in like Flynn! One can only hope!Anywhat…}

So your vid was really cool and fun! Can see “Heartthrob” written all over it!

And the way you kept looking at me…Yowzah! Ahem, er uh, yes! Really good, man! Two thumbs up! Mwuahahaha!!

And I did a little bit fixing on the post so we can all check it out without all the mess!

Keep em coming!

Rock on, yo!