John Lennon


December 8th 1980 at 40 years old. Missed this tribute by 2 days :-\

Can you remember where you were when you heard the news ???

I was in the Navy in Jacksonville Florida on the base at the enlisted mens club
sitting on a bar stool, I believe it was a Monday because I heard it while watching
Monday night football.

Here he is blowing the roof off the house with his harp, well he’s playing it anyways.

The Beatles - Love Me Do

Harp On

And SPD’s favorite Gal givin it up for John Lennon.

mine too!
Imagine - John Lennon (Suzuki Manji in B)

harp On!!

Just aren’t word to describe her ability!

            "LET IT BE"

I was living in Daytona Beach, Florida at the time; working as a waiter to earn enough money to move out to Northern California.

Since the Miami Dolphins were playing, after work, I went home and watched that MNF game. I remember the stunning tragic announcement:
John Lennon shot 12-8-80 Howard Cosell tells the world twice John Lennon was dead.

Thing is, like most people, I don’t actually remember the game itself. Researched it out: It went into overtime, and Miami won 16-13. (So now I kind of recall it. Anywhat…)

As far as the Beatles themselves go, many would say they were inspired to pick up guitars to learn to play them. And of course, try to get the chicks, man! So be it.

I though liked the harmonica. So I listened more to John, and Dylan and Neal Young for those attributes and contributions. (I still got the chicks, but that’s another story! Hehehehe! Anywho…)

The following is Pat Missin’s take on “Love Me Do” – And if you follow the link on the bottom, it will take you over to the Wanderin Wilf and his Beatles’ page too:

Sir Paul is in New York City this week paying his respects; he did a very nice interview and had some fun with late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. As well as will be on Saturday Night Live for those who want to check it out.

And sure, there’s been tons of tributes and memorials to John. I found the following as one of the best.

Peace & SPD Out!!
Lennon/McCartney Tribute - A day in the life