Johnson harps? HUANG BAC PAC harmonicas?

I was looking on ebay and was wondering if anyone knew anything about Johnson Blues Kings harps and also some made in China harmonicas called Huang Bac Pac? The Chinese ones are selling for 11.88 each plus shipping. The price on the Johnson’s varied.

I don’t really know anything about them harps your asking about.

Did you consider a hohner spec 20 or are you just kind of looking for something different.

Here’s a link that has some info on harps.

It’s kind of long.

Harp On!!

Great site, Joe. He didn’t like either of these I mentioned. Maybe I will pass on these ones.

I was just looking and was curious.


Once you try a nice harp like the special 20 or Delta Frost or one of the nicer suzukis you won’t have any interest in the Chinese made harmonicas anymore.

I would stick to Hohner, Suzuki, and Lee Oskar to start with. And even there, Hohner makes a large selection of models, some very good, others best avoided.

If you are looking for bargains, though, check out; now is a good time to buy, as many retailers have fiscal years ending 1/31, and like to clear out inventory before then. Amazon is one that has had some good clearance prices lately, though many of hte real deals will be in less popular keys (but good if you are looking to try out some different models cheap). I’m not sure if <a href="http://“”>this link will work, but otherwise just go to, click musical intruments, folk and world instruments, wind instruments, harmonicas, and then click on “70% or More” where it says “discount” on the left.

Some great deals there on Hohner Marine Band Deluxe, Cross Harps, Pro Harps, Lee Oskar Natural Minors; the best deals don’t show until you put it in your cart, but you can sort by price low to high and they’ll be in order so you can find the cheap ones easy.

Jounson Harmonicas are POS’s and should not even be allowed to be sold as musical instruments, but rather as cheap Chinese toys.

Nice to know that about the Johnsons. Thanks.

Don’t know about johnson but huang i do know. I have three and they work very well I also have swan and a silvertone deluxe.


Cool Beans, Bear!

The late great Norton Buffalo was a onetime pitchman for Huangs.

I only have one Silvertone. I use it to prop up my laptop. In the other corner I have a cube of pool chalk. Hey, gotta do whatever works, eh?! Mwuahahahaha!!!

I like the Johnson harps and the Piedmont Plastic covered harps because they’re an inexpensive way to search and experiment with playing melodies that require more than one harp per song. I gig with them along with Huang, Hohner, Oskar, ect… I buy a lot of cheapo harps because i take them camping and places where i dont have to worry about losing an expensive harmonica.

I have Johnsons, Peidmonts, 20s, suzukis, oskars. The cheap harps like the peidmonts are great at $25 for a 7 harp set. Great for beginners that want to try all the keys and play along. They are light and loose but a good start. I have couple of Johnsons that I actualy cary in my case. They weigh the same as a 20 and with verry little work mine play just as good. Great back ups for $3 or $4 each they can’t be beet. there are better harmonicas that cost a LOT more that you can buy latter. AND they are all different. Wish I could afford a set of each one of them.