Joining the forum

Hi , I’m John from Canada. I just signed up for the harmonica lessons. I used to play as a young fellow, I used to serenade my wife when we first got married.The I got busy running a business and gave it up. Now I want to get back into it again. And I want to become good at it. I’m 75 years young and still have lots of air.I’m mostly interested in folk and gospel, but do want to learn the blues as well. I can play most songs that I know well without too many mistakes, as long as the songs are not too complicated. Most hymns are no problem for me. But I want to play them all better.I play Moon River fairly well.So I hope that this forum will be a good experience. With my best wishes to you all.( I know it’s a little long winded)

Welcome to the boards, John!
Hymns sound great on the harmonica. Got any in particular you like to play best?

And, don’t worry about being long-winded; you should see some of SPD’s posts–they dwarf yours! :wink:
Anyway, welcome, and good luck getting back into the harmonica!

Welcome! Good to have you with us. Most harpers are a little long winded! :smiley: Drop us a post if/when you get stuck. We will do all we can to help!

I hope you’re long winded! We need some action! lol

Pleased to meet you!

Peace Out!


Thanks to all of you , I sure appreciate welcome comments and your posts.John

Howdy and welcome.
If you love Gospel, you’ll find “Amazing Grace” Terry McMillan style is surprisingly easy to learn.


Or maybe I should have said, “Howdy again.” I think I said Howdy on the other thread. SPD might start charging me by the howdy. LOL
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here. Not only are we all wonderful, beautiful people (latter part aimed at myself…rofl), but truly this is a very well run forum.
Sorry for the compliment, Spud. I know your heart’s not used to that. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.


Thanks for the message.
Is that Amazing Grace in first position?, I can play it fairly well in first position, Second position however would be a problem for me at this time.John

Amazing Grace played cross harp…second position. You’ll basically start on 1 draw. You’ll do easy bending to get the “missing” notes.
Man it’s not easy posting off these tiny touch screens. You’d think I’d be better at it by now.


Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.