JP & Adam Gussow Madness!

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This is cool. I didn’t know that JP and Adam Gussow knew each other. I get Adams newsletter and saw this!!

Link to website here:

Copy and paste from the newsletter:

    Some of you are familiar with J. P. Allen. He’s a notable harmonica presence on YouTube, and he’s arguably my biggest competitor in the field of internet-based blues harp teaching materials. His websites include,, and His YouTube videos are notable for his relaxed, engaging approach and an understated wit that often finds him pairing himself up onscreen with winsome young women–babes (if you’ll excuse my sexism) whom he then instructs in the fine points of lip-placement, tongue-work, and breath-rhythm. He’s got the mojo.

J.P. and I are also friends. In fact, as he likes to remind me, he once visited me many years ago in my way-uptown NYC apartment and took a lesson with me.

J.P. and I are teaming up this summer for a long afternoon at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn: a five-hour harmonica clinic in multiple parts (noon to 5 PM), followed by a two-hour concert from 6 to 8 PM. New York bluesman Robert Ross will be joining us for the instructional portion. The evening concert will include my NYC debut as a one-man band.

This event takes place on Saturday, July 30th. We’re calling it “Harmonica Madness.” The advance registration rate for the whole thing is $45, but that rate is only available until May 1. After that, the price rises to $65 advance and $75 at the door.

Please hit THIS LINK and take a look at the website. If you attend, you’ll be pumped full of enough harmonica juice to last you a good long time. I hope we see you there.

Cool beans, Tica!

Gotta say that that Adam G knows everybody! :wink: Hehehehe!

BTW, what’s the link for his newsletter?!

Also, if I’m not mistaken, JP’s real down home roots are from Long Island, NY. So when he takes his annual cross-country trip to visit his folks, he really means it’s cross-country! :smiley:


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

SPD, I received the newsletter via e-mail. I just looked at it again, and there is a link for viewing online… so here’s the link 8)

Okay…here’s his homepage link:

Adam “kudzurunner” Gussow certainly has a happenin’ place!

Not to mention, he’s just plain happenin’!! :smiley:

Keep On Harpin’!

Cool! I just found AG’s announcements in one of my gabillion emails in one of my tripidillion email accounts… :o

Guess I am signed up for the newsletter and should check in and read them more often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting this TickaToodle!!!

I’m so stoked that I’m going to get to meet some of you guys in person.

Also, thanks a ton for keeping the mojo happening here on the forum… I’ve been working on a kids book and it’s been a real labor of love. You can check it out here:

I made the protagonist in the story a harmonica player!

Spreading the joy…


Oooh Giraffe Juice…

Sounds delightful! :slight_smile:

Just what I need to go with my Aardvark Steak and Turtle Egg Salad…Yum! :smiley:

All in Gummi-Bear candy of course!! Hehehehe!!! :wink:

Much success with your next and newest project, JP! ;D

Sweetness JP!

I’ll get it for my siblings when it comes out!