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I’m considering this option, but I have a question directed toward the financial aspect.
If you use the 60-day trial, is that $12.97 subtracted from the $197 if you decide to buy it, or is it added to make $210?

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Hi Trevor you should probably email JP direct on that one just in case he misses your post here.

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I thought the same thing you did when I ordered my JP Allen boxed DVD set in October, 2009 via credit card and special trial deal.

When I received the boxed set, I was so impressed with it, I decided to pay the whole thing off then and there.

I contacted JP’s customer service department via email and asked about this.

I then began conversing with Jason, JP’s customer service rep. And I proceeded on paying off the balance in one payment.

However, I do believe that if/when you do contact Jason and/or the customer service department – They will answer your specific questions more readily than anyone can here.

As far as the emails between Jason and I went –

Well, it led to my proposal for a new, exciting forum; which led to my enthusiastic conversations with the man JP Allen himself; which inevitably brings us to where we are today – A great place to visit and hangout in our little sector of the vast and mighty Harmonica Universe, if I do say so myself!

Hope this helps!


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