JP!! Just Let Us Know...

That you, your friends, family and everyone in your area is safe and are okay!!

Peace & God Bless!

SPD aka Joseph

We are praying for them and you Bro!


Howdy Folks!

Early Friday morning, about 2:45 AM EST, I was watching Fox News waiting for “Red Eye” to come on. The news broke in about the horrific events just then happening in Japan.

15 minutes later, my TV and computer went down. Seems I got behind on paying my ComCast bill. [Damn!! :P]

As they have 24/7/365 services, it took me roughly over an hour to get everything straightened out and up and running again. [Cool beans!! ;)]

The news reported that Hawaii and the outer islands were in the direct path of the tsunami waves heading their way. Evacuation procedures were now going into effect.

Along with the people of Japan, my immediate thoughts turned to JP Allen and his friends and family.

I’m not breaking any confidences here, so I called JP. It took me several times, as the phones were busy, as was to be expected.

Nevertheless, I did get through and I did leave a message. Plus, I sent him an email, as well as posted this message here.

Again, I’m not breaking any confidences, yet I just received a quick email from JP.

He says he is safe and sound and on high ground. And too, he feels our warmth and sends his love back!

With the continuing ongoing rescue operations in Japan and the defensive measures being taken on the US West Coast…Well, our thoughts and prayers are definitely there…And thought you’d like to know this little update.

Thanks for reading!


Well Praise God he’s safe! We’ll keep praying!


Thanks for your concern and your message once again Joseph, and for posting this update… I really appreciate you for all the ways you contribute to this Harmonica Forum and all the love, time and energy you put into it.

You rock dude