JP's Hawaiian Harmonica RETREAT! Spots Limited (FEB 2015) **UPDATED**

Hey guys,

UPDATE: Brand New Retreat, for February 2015…

JP’s organized something pretty special; a musical vacation - a Hawaiian Harmonica retreat…

In a nutshell, it’s an opportunity for you to have the vacation of a lifetime whilst getting world class, one-to-one harmonica instruction with none other than JP himself. But the 2015 there’s a big surprise bonus…


Our world-class special guest harmonica teacher will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!! He will entertain the entire group with his harmonica wizardry, as well as offering slow-paced beginner lessons and mind-blowing advanced harmonica clinics each day.

If that sounds like something that might interest you then be sure to check it out, full details here:

IMPORTANT: There’s only a handful of places available so we’re working on a first come first served basis.


Good Grief! Harmonica in Hawaii! That would be a rough job!

Wish I could!


One of the most beautiful places on earth is the North coast of Kauai. Anahola to Ke’e Beach. In fact it is so beautiful, you’ll probably cut class and head out to explore. LOL

Seriously, staying locally, and staying away from the timeshares has gotta be a treat! Plus you’ll learn tons about harping! I can’t make it back to Kauai for awhile, but when I return it will be to take one of these super harmonica vacations.

Trust me, for a once in a life time experience, you’ll never regret it! Take a camera…take lots of pictures. One thing, because of past hurricanes there are roosters everywhere! Talk about an early morning Blow Note! But not to worry, because it’s really great just being in Eden.

Harp On you lucky few!

Hey guys, the retreat is now sold out. The good news is that JP’s organizing another retreat for 2012 - probably in New York. If you’re interested drop him email to keep notified of the 2012 retreat:


It was really wonderful. For how your

Retreat looks great…any possibility of having one in New York in the future?