Juke Joint Festival, Clarksdale Mississippi

I just got home from the Juke Joint Festival. It was great! The diversity was awesome! Meet an online buddy there for the first time so now I can put a face and person to the name! Man could he play!
I got to see Adam Gussow perform! Another Awesome. Went up and bought a CD and shook his hand. Then bumped into Jon Gindick! Very nice guy.
Everywhere possible a makeshift stage was set up and people playin and singin the blues!
If interested for next year just Google CATHEAD FESTIVAL or JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL.
Next year I’m gettin a room so I can make it to the night club performances!

Sounds like you had a Jump, Jive, and Wail time there, PB!

Seeing Adam and meeting Jon in the same place – Wicked Awesome!!

Rock on, yo!

I’m looking for the ‘like’ button! Glad you had that experience! I’d love to go to one of those one day!

Ya’ll need to check out," Hill Country Harmonica". It will be next month in Mississippi. It promises to be bigger and better! Big name players and instructors will be there to play, teach, and JAM. Cost is $150 I Think for 3 days of intense harmonica teaching and playing.
Wish I could go but I can’t afford it this year. This year I chose the Juke Joint Festival and the fund raiser in Tutwiler Mississippi. Jon Gindick and the Sonny Boy Williamson II Club are giving lessons to raise money for the Tutwiler Health Clinic.
The cost of this is $55 if you preregister $65 at the gate. Info on the Hill Country Harmonica is on Gussows website and info on Tutwiler fund raiser is on Gindick’s website. Check it out! You may want to plan on attending! If not this year maybe save up and plan for next.