Just a quick hello

G’Day from Down Under,

Yep, another Aussie.

Just a quick note to say hi and give a bit of background.

Only 48yrs and have managed to retire already-what a life. Now I have the time to do what I have always wanted to do and learn the harp. Looked all over the place and found JP’s lessons, can’t wait to get in to it when they arrive and blow the house down.

Have been practicing from the free lessons 4-8 hrs a day (which is driving the wife and even the dogs mad for some reason - go figure?)

Anyway I look forward to picking all your brains for as much info as I can get.

cya on the flip side

G’day back atcha, Mister A!

Yeppers, plenty of fine Aussies here! :slight_smile:

Heard tell the summer was kind of wet 'n wild on that little ole island in your neck of the woods! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops sorry – Water & Down Under too soon?! :o

Well hopefully you and yours are a-okay! And your winter will arrive soon enough, eh? :wink:

Welcome Aboard!


Keep On Harpin’! :smiley:

Andy welcome to the forum.

Good luck with JP’s bundle I did it and it got me going on a harmonica journey
that I hope never ends.

Don’t rush through his bundle when you get it, take your time and you’ll
be blowin the house down in no time.

Harp on!!

Pleased to meet ya!
Best of luck on your harpin’ journey! It will be a good one for sure!


Hi Andy and welcome to the forum.

As a fellow aussie it great to have you on board. I too have the JP bundle and progressing well although a little frustrating at times…but that’s just me. I am in Brisbane and if I can help at any time just let me know although I have only be playing for a few months. You will find there is some good people on this forum who are very experienced and willing to help at any time.

With being available to practice 4-8 hours a day you will be on top of mastering this little instrument in no time. All the best.


Hey Andy, welcome from the other side of the world in Albany, New York. Playing the harmonica upside down is I’m sure you’ll get used to (lol). A suggestion regarding JP’s bundle. When it arrives put the harmonica away for a little and watch every DVD and listen to every CD without playing. You’ll find it great entertainment first of all and secondly you’ll know what the bundle has to offer. I did this for several days and watching was a lesson by itself plus I found out where I wanted to go first. There is sooooo much info your head will spin. I found that I focused on the Blues stuff mostly and I complimented the bundle by watching a lot of You Tube stuff as well. I love Rice Miller aka; Sonny Boy Williamson II, Little Walter and Big Walter. Also, I purchased a Hohner Special 20 in all 12 keys from JP, and I’m not sorry I did. Good luck and more than anything ENJOY YOURSELF, MAKE IT FUN!!!


Andy, I forgot to mention this in the first reply, go to www.harmonicaclub.com and join. After you’ve joined go into the chat room which is very active at times and there are many very good harp players and beginners like you and I and it make no difference how advanced you are as long as your a harp player is the only thing that matters. Many of us in this forum are members in the Harp Club.


G’Day everyone,

All I did was say Hi and look at the response :o!!!

I can see that I am going to feel very happy here.

Never too early to mention water SPD. hehehe

Thank you all for the welcome everyone and I will be seeing you round the traps in this brilliant forum

Welcome! Glad to have you join our party!

Hey Andy,

I think we’re racking up the Aussie’s here, wouldn’t you say? Stoked.
I’m glad you received a warm welcome, and please keep us posted on your way.

Your harmonica buddy,