Just got my Lee Oskar Am Harmonic Minor harp.

and all I can say is WOW! This thing sounds awesome and is as nice as any harp I’ve had to date. I really love that Harmonic Minor tuning, sounds very “Russian” which lends to a lot of playing fun for someone who’s only had Major keyed harps and was getting a bit bored with them.
Do all Lee Oskar harps put the key on with a stencil? If so that means that I could find some used harps on the cheap in any ol’ key and just buy replacement reed plates to make them into the key that I’d like. Then I can get some stencils at an office supply shop or music store to relabel them.
Either way, Lee Oskar makes a nice harp, I plan on pickin’ up a few more of em’ and they’ll be my main harp from here on out.

Frank, I just started the harp a little less than two years ago and have playing Seydel Blues Session harps for most of it. I was pretty pleased with them. Then I picked up a Hohner Special 20 and could not believe how much easier it was to play than my Seydels…especially the bends. Only problem was that my mustache and the SP20 could not co-exist. I bought a Lee Oskar in D and found it played as well as the SP20 but with less mustache problems. I have taken the cover plates off my older Seydels and fitted them to the Lee Oskars. No more mustache pulling at all and no sharp edges like the SP20. It is a joy to have the best of both worlds.

I have yet to play the minor keys. Your note has encouraged me to pick up a couple minor harps.

Both Harmonic and Natural minor have a really neat sound. A lot of Lee Oskar’s stuff that he did with WAR and his Lowrider band seems to be in Natural minor keyed harps. I find myself playing a lot of Funk and Pop songs from the '70’s that I heard on the radio with my Natural minor harps. I think you owe it to yourself to pick up a couple keys in both the Harmonic and Natural minor keys. It’ll open up a whole new world to you in harp playing. :wink:

Well, post a video soon!


I just think you’re just plain downright Funkee and Popee anyways you slice the bacon, TNF!

And that’s a good thing in my book! Hehehe!

And if the LO Natural & Harmonic Minors get you even so better at it…More power to you, brokeski!

Rock on, yo! Mwuahaha!

Check my latest thread. I actually am starting to think of myself as a “harmonica player” more then a guitar or bass player, go figure. ::slight_smile:
It’s just these dang little harps are so much cheaper and easier to carry then a guitar or bass that why wouldn’t a person want to play one over something more “bulky”. LOL.
My natural minor harps just fit in with so many songs I’ve heard over the years and the harmonic minor, well, it just oozes Russian music when you play one.
Also, getting back to the Major keys, seems like Christmas music just naturally comes out of em’. Go figure, since a lot of the Christmas stuff is German,LOL.