Just how much are my things worth?!

Yeah, okay, so I came across these stories awhile back:



So today, I found the Jewish name ‘Jehovah’ carved into my Easter ham; and the Arabic words ‘Allahu Akbar’ spelled out in my pan of morning bacon! :o

So gotta ask: Just how much are my things worth?! :smiley:

Millions Man! Probably TRILLIONS!

(That is, if you find someone stupid enough to buy it!)


And so now let the bidding begin at:




I bid two $3 Obama Bills!

Got a birth certificate on them Obama bills, PB? Hmm, I thought so…

But hey, according to G Gordon Liddy, the Fed still keeps printing money out of thin air…but I still can’t afford to invest in gold…So who knows – Anything Obama has his face/name on yet might turn out to have some value! In your dreams!!!