Just need some songs to play?

Hey, I’m totally new to harmonica - started watching Adam Gussow vids but his lessons seem too advanced, I mean I don’t feel i’m really concerned with “microtonal tonalities” I just want to toot away on this thing to learn how it works and practice my emboucher(s).

I have 3 diff books, all blues harp beginner ones, but they tend to have about 3 songs before they jump into bending and all sorts, so i’m getting a bit discouraged because I can’t bend yet. I’d like to increase my skill by playing a variety of songs, not just one song over and over until I can do it at full speed and perfectly.

What I’m hoping is that someone might have a beginners cheatsheet of songs to start with - I’m hoping to practice in my car at lunchtime, it would be great to be able to simply bring a couple of printouts with me. I know there are harp tab sites but I haven’t had much luck with them, can’t seem to sort by difficulty, and I want to be playing, not scouring the badly made tab sites for songs to play.

actually I found harptabs and apparently you CAN search it, lol. But, any cheatsheets would certainly help, once I’ve got some fun play under my belt I’ll be more serious about lessons…

I’m confused! www.harptabs.com has almost every song written tabbed out for you. There is also www.harpinanawhinin.com that has a large collection of harp tabs too. Try www.harmonicacountry.com, another good one.