Just realized something stupid

was talking to my friend today, he’s really into guitars and we occasionally play together, me on the harmonica, well today while we were talking he was showing me his resonator guitar and I said that is a nice “Dobro” he said “It’s not a Dobro” he went on to explain that Dobro is just a trademark owned by Gibson and was just one of the first resonator guitars…I told him that “No, in fact a dobro was a type of guitar” and proceeded to bet him $20

…turns out he was right a Dobro is just a trademark named of Gibson for a resonator guitar…


Huh! Didn’t know that!

Good thing I wasn’t betting, because I would have lost too!


Gibson owns rights to the name now, but Dobro comes from the name of the brothers who marketed their design of resonators, much like the Gibb brotbers became BeeGees. Dobro wasn’t the first resonator, just the name the public recognizes best.
Most people call resonators Dobros though, just like many people call all paper clips Gem Clips.


Perhaps you and your friend should drop the bet. Gibson has indeed owned the name *Dobro since 1993. Originally the Dopyera ( Dobro is formed from their name and a Slavic word meaning good/great) brothers had marketed their instruments thru several different channels. After leaving “National” the brothers developed the single cone inverted style resonator that was easier and less costly to produce than Nationals tri-cone models and made them much more affordable and therefore widely popular. Since the mid 20’s the term Dobro has for the most part suggested any resophonic guitar whether it be National or Dobro, (or since '93 a Gibson) I don’t think Johnny Cash (who favored Martins) was talking about a Gibson when he sang “Daddy Played The Dobro”, and “Curtis Lowe didn’t care”. If your friend plays a National he may have a legitimate bitch because of the competition between the two manufacturers and the desination of the name, but for shts and giggles it is a moot point, but still a good argument, however I don’t see it a a payable bet unless Gibson wishes to foot the bill.
Soup or Pressy Dent

Absolutely correct, Super Prez. I didn’t post more since most of my posting is done these days on my handheld, but I couldn’t have said it better if I had tried.
The big deal about the Dobro was reinventing the resonator to be as loud as the triple cone without the cost of manufacture.