Just saying hi :-)

Hi All

Just wanted to pop in and say hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been a previous blues harmonica player (15 years or so ago).
Unfortunately I sold all my 30+ harmonicas inc a Brendan power custom slide cx10, a dozen Steve Westerton Marine Bands, a dozen Lee Oskars and a green bullet custom mike and valve amp :-((((((
What a silly billy!
I have been playing Tenor Jazz Banjo for about 5 years now and have got to a sticking point and am a bit disillusioned with it so I’m going to come back to the Harmonica.

As I played harmonica about 15years ago with the Mel Bay books etc I got to a point without the internet, YouTube and Skype lessons etc I just got stuck and couldn’t progress so I have it up :-/

So I’m hoping with all the help on here :slight_smile: I can get started again. Better get myself out to a music shop and buy myself a Lee Oskar C :wink:


I’ll come back to you once I’m all playing again

Hi, JP Allen mentioned in one of his videos that it is cool to have a harmonica buddy because that can help you improve. I am a beginner with the harmonica and would like to talk to someone more experienced to share problems I am occurring along the way or setting goals to each other etc. Hit me back if you are interested.

Thanks for he reply.
Yes that’d be good.
I’ve just ordered my first (for the second time) Harmonica, a Hohner Marine Band Deluxe.
I wanted to get some Steve West Weston Marine Band’s again, but I couldn’t find his details so I have got that to start off and then I think I’ll get a Silverfish ordered each month or so :wink:
I’ll let you know when I’m playing again.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
For now I am using the Hohner Bluesband which JP Allen recommends for beginners. I might as well buy another one as I get better. I’d like to discuss with you some stuff from the lessons I find difficult or confusing. Do you want to use some other more comfortable way of communication as skype or facebook?

Yes that’d be great.
I should get my harmonica in a day or so (it’s in the post) .
I’ll let you know and we could email each other and then try SKYPE