just starting need help please

so i am very new to this but am fascinated by the cheerfull sound that this instrument can produce i found my fathers old harmonica and it is a m hohner blues harp it is kind of beat up i dont know if it is any good and am looking to bye something to get started would would be a good choice any help would be amazing thank you

What kind of harp is sloted?

Otherwise, a Spec20 C from harmonica.com sounds good!

I second SPD’s suggestion! Welcome the wonderful world of harmonica and Watch JP Allen’s You Tube videos which is a great place to start.


Seydels are nice! But what you will find as you get going down the harmonica journey, is there are several to choose from. Most suggest what ever you choose , start with Key C.
You’ll also want to stay clear of the 10 dollar harps. If you are serious, which I am sure you are. Shop around and spend 30 bucks and get a good middle of the road harp. Hohner SP 20, Seydel Blue Session, Lee Oshar can all be picked up for 30 bucks or less. Shop around, I personally like RockinRonsMusic4Less.com. But you have Coast to Coast, Musicians Friend and of coarse Jp Allen. There are others. Have fun! ;D