Just Starting :)

I’m interested in playing the Harmonica and still undecided in which I should buy and which to consider.
I’m prioritizing in playing love songs e.g: The Only Exception by Paramore and others and I would like to know if which Harmonica should I buy for the appropriate tune of that song :slight_smile:

I also have a program called Synthesia and have downloaded songs and made them in Harmonica tune and I would like someone to know if what kind of Harmonica is used in playing the song and in what key :slight_smile:

Thank You :slight_smile:

I am not good at identifying the key of songs yet so I am no help three. As far as which harp to buy, anything in the $30 range is where you leave the toys behind and get a real instrument. I recommend the Hohner Special 20.
95% of all beginner lessonscall for a harp in the key of “C”. Any song can be played on any diatonic harp using the same holes, the pitch of the tune played will be higher or lower. “C” is in the middle.