Jyaa mata Mina-san (goodbye everyone)

I was thinking what to do with my life after my schooling years is over. Then after long consideration, yesterday, I wanted to be a musician. Not to be come famous but wanting to make everyone happy with music.

I played in a band as a guitarist (I played an electric guitar) then now I am playing a harmonica (I now own a golden melody) I hadn’t been active in the BBS for a long time and I also just joined the forum not too long ago… anyways… I’m going to a musical college in Tokyo, Japan by next April 2012, (please wish me luck) to become a musician.

This maybe my last BBS post but I thank all of you for the wonderful tips on the harmonic especially the basic maintenance and tips how to play a harmonic. I would also like to thank Mr. JP for his free lessons, I have learn a lot from there ever since and that lesson and the first step I took, have made me the first Bruneian to have played a 10 holed harmonica (I played on my friend’s brother wedding and the local radio competition, too bad I only came 3rd ).

I wished all of you well and may God Bless all of you.

I wish you the best in your life, Jemmy!

Your past posts were fun and no doubt well received by all!

You can always check in, stop by, and see what’s what around here…

Music college sounds very exciting and definitely worthwhile to pursue…

Speaking of Tokyo and Japan as a whole –

I hope you and yours are doing well in spite of the recent and ongoing events we elsewhere in the Global Village have only been able to see, read, and hear about.

You may be gone for awhile; but you won’t be forgotten. And perhaps we’ll see each other again sometime somewhere!

For now:

God Speed!

Peace & God Bless!

Joseph aka SPD

Take care of yourself! Playin’ music is good for the soul and everybody…so enjoy yourself!
God Bless ya on your journey!

–Burning Thunder