Kansas City Harmonica Club

If you’re in K.C. we meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Wexford Place Retirement Center. (I-29 to NW 64th St Exit west aka Tom Watson Parkway-then north on N. Cosby to 6500 N. Cosby, K.C., MO 64151.)

We have a terrific time and the residents gather to listen to it all. Some of our regular residents are a real hoot.

If you are in the area, come on out.

And then ya’ll can head over to the riverboat casinos after it’s all over…hehehehe!!

{Worked out of KC KS/MO way back when! ;)}

You’ve found us out, Dude.



Dude, if you’re really interested just send me a $100. to bet for you. I’ll let you know if you won or lost.

Nice offer, MC!

Actually, there’s a casino/horse track right across from the street from me…

I don’t go because with all the extras like $6-10 drinks etc. that they make you pay for…You can barely overcome the vig to let you break even… :stuck_out_tongue:

The place is busy 24/7/365 though –

Yet when the day comes soon enough when I become a high-roller, still doesn’t mean I want to give everything to the house either!! :wink:

Rock on, you! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!! :smiley: