Keep improving

What can you suggest as a way to keep on improving. I started playing a few months ago and have made good progress. Besides going to sites and checking out the tabs or just working out how to play tunes do you have any good (tried & tested) tips in this regard?


Howdy Geoff!

It’s not you…It’s the question itself…

In order to improve you have to be more specific…


Single notes?




The list goes on and on…

To say everything is not exactly keying in on where specifically you need for us to chime in on and discuss getting the suggestions you’re asking for.

Know what I mean? :wink:

To keep on improving, you will have to constantly challenge yourself. Always push your limits, try new things, learn new techniques, new songs. Challenge yourself! Challenges help us grow. :slight_smile:

  • Ashish

That works so great too, Ashish.

Yeppers, Geoff, once you’re aware of what’s ahead of you, take it little bit by little bit. Dare yourself to take that single first step forwards of your own journey.

Go at your own steady enjoyable pace. What’s the hurry, what’s the rush?!

As JP Allen and many others who march the beat to their drummers will say: If only you play just five minutes a day, only for three times a week, you will get somewhere!

With many Aha-Eureka moments of your own along the way, and too many to count, one day you’ll look back to where you were - You’ll even surprise yourself as you say: Hey, I was back there, now I’m up here. This is great!

Right on, Geoff!

You can do it! You will do it if you’ve the mind and heart to. And I know you have them already!

So keep on smiling! Keep on harpin’!

Peace & SPD out!

Thanks guys for the suggestions and I see that I was a bit vague. I am at a level where I can bend notes and play simple tunes. I own a ‘C’ harp, should I stick with this or expand to buying a few others as when I try play along with tunes on the radio some are just out of my range. Would this be a help or hindrance? If a help (I am not wanting to rush) which key/s do you suggest?
Thanks in advance… Geoff


I know where you are at… So, I decided not to spend big bucks originally for my harps. I started with the Hohnor Blues Band harps and bought a set with 7 harps and a case for around $30 at They are available at Musicians Friend also. Check around and see if you can get free shipping. This way your not breakin the bank. came with C,D,E,F,G,A and Bflat.

My go to harp is the A as a lot of blues are written in the key of E.

Hope this helps.


What works for me is there’s definitely enough to fill a lifetime to learn.
So find something challenging and work on it. It helps me to set aside a
certain part of the day for practice, what ever I’m being challenged with
then try and just make small improvements on it everyday.

If your liking to stay with tunes right now, find some challenging ones to learn.
Find some with some bent notes and work on getting them down pat.

Harp on!!