I’m curious if you would like to be part of a “think tank” in order to use the popularity of to make a difference helping people learn harmonica (e.g., helping kids, senior citizens, rehabilitation of inmates in penitentiaries…).

I would like to create a team and have a forty-five minute monthly teleconference. If you’re game, send me an email to and put “Think Tank” in the subject line.

Right now I don’t have the personal funds or backing to activate a project of this magnitude. However I feel confident that will help me find the partners to make this dream a reality.

In the meantime, I am taking a small step towards fulfilling that dream. Before the New Year I will put a harmonica and lessons in the hands of a minimum of 50 underprivileged kids.

I’ve already begun conversations with a couple of non-profit organizations to see if they will let me integrate with their mission (e.g., an organization that is helping feed and shelter orphaned kids in Thailand after the tsunami).

I am also looking for new ideas and wondering if you have any connections to a project for kids that you can connect me with (here in the US, and/or overseas).

How about a Harmonica Orphanage? And what is a “Harmonica Orphanage”?

Well first of all let me say this…it’s a concept…it’s an ideal. It’s only one possibility. My passion is to work with others with the intention to help young people thrive in the world. So it could be an orphanage or it could be anything you surprise me with. Got any ideas? Bring 'em on!!!

A harmonica orphanage is a learning environment that will support young people in being highly creative through the development of multiple intelligence (Music, Science/Math, Linguistics, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal (know thyself))… See for more clarity.

It will also be rooted in the principle of Nonviolent Communication (see as well as borrowing elements of Waldorf, Montessori and Sudbury styles of education.

Seems like a big project? For me, it’s my life’s love so it sounds like pure fun!!!

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
Joseph Campbell

Admirable goals and worth doing - Kids Harmonica Charity and “Think Tank” alike.

Just by putting the ‘needs’ out there, helps one to find their ‘solutions’!

And where there’s a will there’s a way, eh, JP?

Good Luck!


God Bless & God Speed!

Joseph aka Street Player Dude

Yeah Bro…

We can do amazing things together when a clear vision is distilled.


Way to go JP ;D

It’s one thing to donate, But it’s another thing to be the front runner
and giving of your time 8).

The most precious thing we have is time and to give your time to such
a great cause makes me… well thanks.

Harp ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON ;D ;D ;D

Thanks Joe!


WOW! This is great. Even at my income level I’d be eager to financially help in some way. With the size of membership this group has think of the sum of $10 from each of us. And though I can do this yet a suggestion to experienced players…doing charitable holiday performances. I’ve done this with the piper and the appreciation expressed was very gratifying. I’m also working on penny whistle Christmas sets that I’d like to do with the Salvation Army folks who stand with the red buckets. Last year I chickened out.

Hey Mikepipe!!!

I love that quote in your signature…there’s a freedom in not playing by the rules…

I’ll stay in touch with you about the Harmonica Charity. Glad you’re into it.


Do you know David Harp? You both seem to share similar goals and ideas in promoting harmonica doings.

It’s really amazing. I would like to connect with him some day David Harp someday. I love the way he teaches harmonica and I also teach meditation which seem to be a passion for him too.

Sounds good, JP. We do a Free Camp at our church every year for kids at no cost. 0$‘s we fund it for them, so that kids who would never get a chance at summer camp/church camp because of cost. I have been bouncing around the idea of maybe buying 30 or so Hohners (the cheap plastic ones that come in colors) but have not felt comfortable enough to try and teach some kids how to play. Kind of like that Harmonica Man on another post.
Maybe it’s like playing in public, you just gotta do it. Hhhmmmm! Ideas are a churnin’!

Wow TYSON!!!

This would be dream come true for me to support you in this project.

How can I back you up on this project?

Do you want to join my “Think Tank” and we can have a monthly phone meeting with you and who ever else wants to join and we can plan our next small steps sharing harmonica with others…bring on the harmonica revolution!!!

If yes, send me an email and put “Think Tank” in the subject line.


Hey Tyson, If you give away free Seydels I’ll come to your camp ;D ;D ;D

Thats a great Idea Tyson, How about giving away a blues band,
there like 5 bucks, get your congregation to donate.

How may kids do you think you’ll have 100 or so.

That would be the coolest thing. Give them a free lesson teach them
how to do the choo choo train. Maybe even teach them depending upon
there age’s TAPS all blows and can play it chordy :-\

And they get a pretty decent 1st harmonica. Comes in a box. 8)

When are you thinking next summer VBS (vacation bible school) ;D

You could also maybe get somebody on your worship team to help teach them to play
maybe someone who plays guitar. Just thinking out loud :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp on!!


Now I know JP would kill me if I failed to mention that there’s a special disk “Harmonica for Kids” in the JP Allen World’s Best Harmonica Home Course bundle dvd set!

If you have this bundle, dig this special disk out and you’d be all set on what to do.

But also, and to be fair in offering you choices - David Harp also has his aids to help along with this venture too:

Methinks and mebelieve anyway you cut it and/or approach it, you’ll be tops in those kids eyes and worlds!

Peace & Good Luck!

Keep on Harpin’!

First let me say that I commend you on your desire to help people, especially children.
Next, I have to put in my two cents (or whatever it may really be worth). :slight_smile: If you are
considering an actual childrens’ home “orphanage,” and not harmonica camp or clinic,
you must be VERY careful and diligent every second. When I was brought east awayfrom my
native family, I was placed in a very well organized, well intentioned childrens’ home (name
excluded). Good intentions aside, many poorly prepared supervisors (and some with
malicious intent) caused much damage to already injured hearts and souls. I will support
your efforts because I see something in you and your organization. My plea…please
be more than diligent and tough as nails on your staff. The children will love you for it and appreciate your sacrifice and efforts, even through some inevitable failings (they don’t look for perfection, but honesty and reliability).
I apologize for being a frost on your warm desires, but I have to speak for the children…they have so few to truly speak for them.
Again, I commend you on your wonderful heart for people and your marvelous harmonica method. Don’t back off, be the man they need.

Bob (thebugleboy)

Thank you Bob.

Truthfully, reading your message brought tears to my eyes.

I felt sincerely touched by your message and you life experience.

Thank you for encouraging me to bring the highest level of care to the hearts and mind of the kids that will be involved.

Thank you Bob…Thank you, thank you, thank you…



I was thoroughly moved by it as well, Robert.

Was waiting for JP to see and comment first.

Peace & Love, Bro - Peace & Love!

Thank you for the comments guys.
I salute your hearts, and I appreciate you very much.
Some men are big, bulky, hulking men with wimpy little spirits.
Others may be frail or large on the outside but with a massive, powerful spirit man inside.
Thanks to my “muscle men” spirit brothers.
BTW, I have to admit though, I’m kind of a big guy on the outside.
Hey JP and SPD, I just emailed the guy with the old Super Chromonica on C’list here and asked him if he’d like to do a barter for it. Maybe I’ll have some tool or relic he’ll want. I’ll let you know how this goes. Maybe I can replace my lost one and really learn to play it this time.
I used to teach brass in band clinics and camps, and we could really get some progress made.
I took a trumpet section one year for another director friend and worked them so hard that they wanted to kill me and hide the pieces. The next year, after they had won the #1 trumpet section title in the state in their division, they were pushing me harder than I could teach.
Kids love to see themselves succeed at things they didn’t expect they could accomplish.
I’ll have to tell you sometime how I handled motivation and discipline.


Well goes without saying but I will anyways:

Good Luck, BB!

And keep us posted!

Peace & God Speed!


Maybe you could team with them…

The Andy Mackie Foundation provides Free Instruments, Free Lessons and Scholarships to any child who wants to learn. He has helped more than 1000 children learn to play stringed instruments which he builds in his shop, taught more than 12,000 children to play harmonica and given over 75 scholarships to graduating seniors.

At Fiddle Tunes, Andy had a workshop booth that allowed kids to build their own instruments and learn how to play them. Next fall, Chimacum High School may launch a nationwide instrument/instructional model program funded by a private donor that will be a giant step toward achieving Andy’s dream of providing children opportunities to learn to play music.


Fiddle Tunes: Andy Mackie Talks About New Fall Music Program At Chimacum High School #fiddletunes09

AZ, that was too cool!
Thank you for the video.