If anyone finds a really good deal on those colored plastic hohners let me know. I once saw them on amazon for 99 cents each. I should have bought a bunch then, but I didn’t. I’m hoping the music teacher at my son’s school will let me hand some out someday. I’m probably good enough to do a harmonica demonstration for 5 year olds by now, but I’d like to have harps to give them if I do. My neighbors kid down the road saw me with mine and was really excited and wanted to play it and he looked pretty heartbroken when I told him it was an instrument you couldn’t share so I don’t want to show a harp to a bunch of kids and get that expression times 25. I want to get one for the neighbor’s kid too because I still feel bad about it.

I ordered a colored plastic one for my Grand daughter a few days ago. The postage was more than the harmonica, about a buck 25. I got a $6 one for my Grandson who is 9.
Here is a link to the plastic ones-

You might contact the dealer and tell him what you plan to do, maybe they would give you a discount if you buy in bulk. Can’t hurt to ask.

Wow! From a short distance, that last one looks almost professional, doesn’t it?

JoAnn’s suggestion is a very good one, G-Man!

Better to hop on that one quick, as ‘tis the season’ will be here and gone before you know it! And even if you don’t use any or all for one season, at least if you have them stored up you can bring them out anytime whenever afterwards!

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Keep on Harpin’!

Speaking of colored plastic ones, SPD, this won’t make sense without the pic (won’t make much sense with it).

I think the dog got your glasses.
If this weren’t so raggedy (found it in the thrift shop, and they actually had it for sale),
I’d have bought it and mailed it to you, DUDE!
Oh well, you can’t win them all, some get rained out, some never should have been scheduled.
Later Tater (that’s a Spud in case you didn’t know…MWuahahahahahaha),