L.O. Am Harmonic Minor vs Hohner Educator 10 Chromatic.

I’m trying to get back into playing so I’d like to get away from the standard “boring” major tuned diatonic harps that I’ve messed with in the past. I’m far from an expert harp player, more of a hack to tell ya’ll the truth but it’s something that I did have fun doing for the few months that I played.
Not sure if I should get into an inexpensive Chromatic and give it a try of just go with a Harmonic Minor tuned Lee Oskar(Am, of course) to get my interests going again.
Anyone who plays both feel free to chime in with info on playing each and what you think about both styles of harp. Thanks.

I have recently started playing chromatic harmonicas. I got a Hohner Super Chromonica 270.

I tell you what, it has been the best thing for me! Like a breath of fresh air. You can do so many different things with it…its awesome!

And then, you appreciate the diatonic for what it is! IMHO, playing both is best. Within weeks of playing both, you appreciate the instrument like never before!

Just my two cents! Take it or leave it!

Peace Out!


I didn’t think Chromatic and Inexpensive could go in the same sentence together.
My 1st harp was a Chromatic 270, It was a gift and too complicated for me as a raw beginner. I am still learning Diatonic and still can’t play the Chromatic. I want to play it someday but don’t want to overload myself learning both at the same time.
JP has info on Gypsy Harmonica you should look into.
Best of luck finding that right harp!!!

I’ve notice aside from the Hohner Educator 10 that Swan has a 1040 for about $20 bucks and Hurricane Harps has a 1248 with book,CD and everything for $38 so there are some inexpensive harps available for those of us who’d like to get our feet wet without breaking the bank.
I have learned form buying cheap diatonic harps that it’s better to spend a bit more and buy something better if you can afford it. I went through the cheap period with Blues Band, Hot Metal and FolkMaster harps so I know that for a bit more you can get quality like a Special 20 or HarpMaster and have a lot better harp which makes playing a lot easier too.

Eventually my goal is to get three Lee Oskar harps(A,C Major and Am Harmonic Minor) and an inexpensive C tuned Chromatic to mess with. That’ll give me more then enough harps to play with until I really learn more and I noticed that of all the keys I’ve owned in the past A was most played by me followed by C and then maybe G but for guitar bands A and C are really the most common.

I just need to kick it around some and figure out which way I’m going to go then I can jump on it and ride it for all it’s worth.

Saw a couple more Chromatics. The Swan 1248-6 for $40 bucks and the Seydel Chromatic Standard 1248 for $70 but at that price I could almost get the 3 Lee Oskar diatonic harps that I’d like.
Humm, one Chromatic or 3 Lee Oskars. I really want that L.O. Harmonic Minor Am harp, it sounds killer playing Gypsy and Yiddish stuff but people have told me that a Chromatic can do the same things. Man I’m starting to get a bit confused about the whole deal. ???

Go for the chromatic. You can play anything with it. Any minor or major key, flat or natural.

I think that may be the way I’m leaning. It’s just scary jumpin’ into the “unknown” like this. I don’t want to get something I won’t like, especially since even a cheap Chromatic is about twice the price of a Diatonic. I have found one called a Sterling Chromatic in England(free shipping to the U.S.) that sells for just over $62 bucks and is suppose to be pretty decent. Its a 12/48 with wind savers so it’ll be easier to play. Just need to wait for my harps on e-bay to sell so I’ll have the funds.

Well, funds just aren’t there to get a decent Chromatic right now so I just ordered a L.O. Harmonic Minor in Am. Figure that’ll get me into playing some Ethnic stuff so maybe I can have some fun with the harmonica and get back into playing more. :wink:

Sure it’s a late answer to your initial post, but i just joined the forum!

I’ve got a LO harmonic minor (you probably played it for month right now!) and really love the chords!

But the reason why I posted, is to say that the Swan chromatics are really good values!! For a first chromatic, and to see if you like it, I think it’s the right buy.
I personnaly own two (16 holes for me and 10 holes for my little boy). And for the price i’ve bought them I’m really surprised by the overall quality! The 2 higher holes of the 16 are pretty hard to play, but the 10 holes is good in every holes.
Sure, if you start liking the chromatic, you’ll probably want to try a better brand (after some weeks I ordered a Suzuki scx 64, still waiting so I cannot compare the harps yet), but it is not a necessity…