Lark Chromatic Harmonica (Shanghai)

Hello all! I just purchased a Lark Chromatic Harmonica for about $33 USD. I’ve noticed that the very top hole (twelfth) is difficult to play and requires a very high amount of air pressure to produce a sound. Is this typical of chromatic harmonicas, or is it due to the low quality of Lark’s manufacturing? Anyone else have experience with Lark chromatics?

I am not familiar with Lark Harmonicas. You may not get much of a responce to your question on this forum. Most people on this forum play diatonic, and most people here (like myself) play at the beginner/intermediate level. There are several more advanced players here that play both and may answer your question. Wish I could give you an answer but I don’t know!
I just thought I would make a responce to your post so you wouldn’t feel like you were being ignored ::), we wouldn’t do that!

Know nothing about Lark harmonicas, but have been thinking about ordering that model (it’s a good price! 8)).

Overall, what do think of it, other than the highest note’s hole issues? How, in your opinion does it compare with a Hohner basic Chromoniica, or the Koch (which is the only chromatic I’ve ever owned)?

Hey! The harmonica plays notes pretty consistently, but the sound is like a dying cat. Definitely not gonna entertain anyone, but for the price, you will at least learn the basics of chromatic harmonica. I myself never really got into it because the sound was so horrid.

Thanks for the feedback…maybe another Koch, at around $120, isn’t so expensive, at that!

Almost bought a used Chromonica 64 from a buddy, who’d put maybe 12 hours on it, them put it away for as many years, for $50…have deeply regretted not grabbing it, 'cause the next guy he offered it to snapped it right up!

Man I would NOT have passed up that offer if I were you haha

Have kicked myself ever since…btw, there’s one on Ebay atm, that I’m watching closely. Also, the Hohner “Educator” (10-hole chromatic) seems to run around $45, w/ free s/h! Know anything about this model?

No, but I’ve considered that one too! Since Hohner put their name on it, I’m guessing it’s better than the Lark.

My thinking, exactly.