Last hope

just starting out. i can play single notes, chords are still out there, almost bend second hole draw, and i read music like a book. played some guitar and recorder (yes, its an instrument) :slight_smile: just go slow with new songs. guitar, i prefer melody over chords, recorder is only melody. cant say i ever heard any one sing chords but you never know. haven’t been on the planet for 70 years yet. why harmonica? guitar and recorder give me pain. tween arthritis and carpel tunnel, just typing hurts. but i like music and when i’m dead, it will be “oh when the saints go marching in” or “highway to hell” depending on how things turn out. my luck i’ll get “you aint going no where”, and i’ll sit in the ground and rot. im originally from my mother and father. but i like earth so i’ll stay a while. i hope.