Learning the Harmonica

[font=times new roman]Hello from North Carolina, just purchased JP’s Harmonica Course. I tried the free lessons and found instant play-ability and improvement. Knocking around from books, to free style and even a couple of hundred in lessons. Still with little improvement, frustration, I searched for a new harmonica, I have a few inexpensive Hohner’s aka Blues Harp in C. I found JP’s Free tutorials , and the promise to have me on stage in 3 months, clock is ticking.

I am up to lesson 20, since i have days off, put them to good use. going through the lesson video’s, instructional pdf’s. I found I am remembering some of the songs i have heard, learned and taught to me by my dad. Which is kinda of neat.

I started to get the tucka too too sound in lesson 17 and other lessons.

For this week, practice 10 minutes each day, and learn one simple song by memory.

A quick Thanks to JP


reviewed free lessons
best harmonica for beginners
ordered online digital lesson

Blog entry
reviewed video 1 through 22
Downloaded pdf’s and media files and

transferred to mobile devices.
practiced How Great Thou Art, Hymn book
America the Beautiful Favorites Vol 1
Captown Races Favorites Vol 1
Oh Susanna Favorites Vol 2

7 pm to 8 pm practiced
Silent Night lesson 2
Amazing Grace Tab Player
lesson 23 through 29

2272015 practice 7am to 8:30am
Download and install Java Plug ins
learn how to use metronome
lesson 30 Getting Dizzy with Hand

lesson 31 Cool Breathing Pattern
lesson 32 fun blues riff
Relax, Fun, Toe Wee Toe Dul, Hand

Technique #4
lesson 33 Slip Sliding Away
single notes
lesson 34 Tucka Too dul Pattern John Mael Room to move.

lesson 35 The Goose is Loose
E Dropped O
39 boot camp tucka too dul
lesson 30 triangle boot camp

practiced 10 minutes
companion hand book
looked at jam along song system

Harmonica BOOT camp VIDEO’S
companion handbook

Best Harmonica to buy
staying focused on practicing
companion hand book

summary, good habits, increase speed, increase memory. partial songs learned Taps, Red River Valley taught by Andy Mackie

Red River Valley
Red River Valley
3 4 5 5 5 5 -4 5 -4 4
From this valley they say you are going
3 4 5 4 5 6 -5 5 -4
we will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile
6 -5 5 5 -4 4 -4 5 6 -5
For they say you are taa.king the sunshine
3 3 -3… 4 -4 -4 5 -4 4
That has brightened our pathways for a while.

Do you think of the valley you’re leaving
Oh how lonely and dreary it will be?
Do you think of the fond heart you’re breaking
And the sadness you cast over me.

For a long time my dear I’ve been waiting
For the words that you never would say
And alas my poor heart you are breaking
For they tell me you’re going away

As you go to your home by the ocean
May you never forget those sweet hours
That we spent in the Red River Valley
And the love we exchanged mid the flowers

Come and sit by my side if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
But remember the Red River Valley
And the one who has loved you so true.



free style practice
Oh when the saints go marching in
Purchased Hohner Blue Ice C,G and D pack

12 Bars Blues Riff
Harmonica purchase Hohner 542 Golden Melody

Purchased Hohner 580 Meisterklasse Harmonica
lesson 65 Ode to Joy
leson 66 Ode to Joy part 2

pracice happy birthday

practice happy birthday
12 bar blues
lesson 40 through 50

dan cage video Funky Harmonica Thing

lesson 54 to lesson 64

1,2 holes tuk-ka too-dul repeat
lessib 63 single and double waaa
Morning Companion Review lessons 1-5
Received Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica from Guitar Center
Practiced basic Blow Blow Draw
Tuk Kah Too Dul
Red River valley with Andy Mackie
Hohner Free lessons with qualifying purchase
JP Allen Ode to Joy
Hohner David Barret lessons 1.1 through 1.9

Hohner 580 Meisterklasse arrived. Awesome 8) 8) 8)
practice, red river valley,
difficulty memorizing the tabs…
studying notes instead of numbers…
Arabian Riff -6 -7 7 -7 -6
-6 -7 7 8 7 -7 -6

Welcome Thomas. I’m interested to hear about your progress. I’m working through JP’s DVD set now, and love them.