Hi my name is Darren. Last year I completed the happy harping course. My question is is it worth me doing the beginner to boss next or is it the same ?
Thank you

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I have not had the pleasure of doing the Happy Harping Course. But from what I understand it is a beginning course. From Beginner to Boss will take you through the intermediate level and will give you a lot of great knowledge. I hate to spend money on internet courses because so many are a waste of money. Unless you are an advanced intermediate or better you will find every penny you spend on this course is well spent. I have the course and I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone at the beginning - intermediate level. I an currently going through it for the second time and I am surprised how much I either missed or didn’t retain the first time around. Not that it makes any difference but I am 71. Get the course stay with it and see how fast you advance



Thank you sir , happy harping is a bit slow But good. Beginner to boss I’m also loving.


I agree with Sonny. I completed both Happy Harpin and Beginner to Boss. Going to go through Boss a 2nd time and then the Blues course which I just purchased. I really love the way Jp and Luke teach. You learn a lot while making it fun.



Thanks for the kind words Sonny!


Sir you earned them.

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