Lee Oskar and Other Harps

I’d like a new, more professional harp. I got a Hohner Blues Bender to learn on, and I think I’d like to upgrade to something a bit more professional.
I’ve heard Lee Oskars are a little harder to play on, but should I just go for it and learn to play on one? Should I just stick with the ever-popular Spec. 20? If anyone could help me decide what to do with a little under forty bucks, that’d be really great!

Keep on harpin’!

Thats very difficult because everyone has there favorite. Which ever you decide I personally think
in the 40 dollar range you will definitely get a decent harp.

I have my favorite Golden Melody
and I have another favorite spec 20
and another favorite suzuki manji and another favorite is seydel and another favorite is Suzuki Fire Breath

My favorite out of all them favorites is Golden Melody 35-40 dollar harp.

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Yea, those are good choices. Then for the same price check out a Seydel Blues Session at RockinRonsMusic4Less.com ;D

My personnal favorite: Seydel 1847 Classic Beta ! from Ben Bouman, customharmonicashop.com

Anything you get now will be an upgrade…

But you have to figure out what you want to do/play…

If melodies, tunes, single-note phrasing are what you like –

The Equal Temperament Tuned: Lee Oskars; Hohner Golden Melodys; and Suzuki Fire Breaths will serve your purposes.

If background, chugging, tunes with octave chordal mixes are more your liking –

The Compromised Tuned: Spec20s; Manjis; and Seydels will help you there.

Keep On Harpin’!

While everyone has their favorite, I think the most frequently recommended models to start on are probably the Hohner Special 20, the Suzuki Harpmaster, and the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic.

In the last month, I’ve tried the Suzuki Harpmaster, Hohner Special 20, Suzuki Bluesmaster, Lee Oskar, Seydel Blues Session Standard, and Hohner Blues Bender, and so far I would rank them in that order. The Blues Bender is the most difficult to play of those, I don’t think you will have any problem with the Lee Oskar. The Lee Oskar maybe doesn’t bend quite as easily as the Special 20 or Harpmaster.