Lee Oskar M/D key of A

Happy week end every one for me outside the sun is shining 08.30 in the morning and its a day with promise, hope yours is also.Pleasanties aside, well amongst my
favoured harps all of four is a L/O M/T in C not every harp players cup of tea I realize but as I have become better aquainted with it I find it fair comment to say its a jolly good harp for the money so much so that on Thursday I peeped into my piggy bank :slight_smile:
and made the extravagant decision to order one in key of A. I am a relatively new harpist so I would never presume to for want of a better word hmmm! bull shit far more talented players on ths blog than I am ever likely to become but very big word that, lately I have been doing my very best to assess harps from a beginners point of view in the hope that it may be of some use to other green horns such as myself.Since I started learning the harp I have spent a whole lot of money on various harps middle priced ones and upper priced harps and after giving each and every one of them a good trial thats is from a freshmans point of veiw and that only and am pleased to be able to say that I have arrived at my own oppinion on the ones that for me are kind and receptive to the beginner and dont cost an arm and a leg.This thread will not interest a lot of you much more advanced harpists and thats only natural so when my new Lee Oskar major diatonic in key of A arrives and after and only after a reasonable period for the benefit of my fellow freshmen I will do my best to do my little beginners review and I am very receptive to other beginners points of view please in the hope that we can learn off each other and make this blog more interesting but the set on here is great and its the best blog I have been on such a freindly bunch of receptive folk. Thanks for listening …peace harp on and have a great week end where ever you may be. :slight_smile:

Uh, yeah, okay, thanks, pjd! Will be looking forward to it, definitely. 8)

Till then: Smiles! And keep on harpin’ with all your other harpin’ harps! :wink:

please excuse my ignorance pjd777, what is a Lee Oskar M/D ?

I don’t own any LO’s so I’m interested in your observations, and a lot of people seem to rate 'em :wink:

Hi Hot rod M/D stands for Major Diatonic and because when I was really a brand new starter I was advised that Lee Oscar major diatonic in Key of C was a really good harp to start with because its air tight and easy to bends notes with bend I thought to myself whats that? in my ignorance. I put it back in it box after about three weeks with me frothing at the mouth like a rabbid dog nothing wrong with Lee Oscars harp it was every thing wrong with me. So I have been playing and do my best to practice and learn every day since and like JP says that is the key and only that I have improved a little but only a little still just getting to grips with bending notes thanks to the Lee Oskar and the Hohner special 20 plus the golden melody which I think most seasoned players will tell us are three really good harps to learn to bend on JP always says that the Hohner special 20 is the best harp to learn to bend notes and when i tried it after a few days of making funny shapes with my mouth I finally found the right shape and the right sound its like a weee! sound and I managed to squeeze one out but I am still not finding it that easy but at least I have got an idea now thanks to JP he is a great teacher who always does his utmost to encourage me and make it fun at the same time his teaching pack is great you get so much its awse some such really good value for your hard earned money. Well hot rod thats all I can tell you about the L/O M/T cept its an A1 learners harp for me it is anyways and I am a really slow learner not thick just a slow learner but once it sticks it sticks.Just type in Lee Oskar Major diatonic in your google search and you will find out every thing there is worth knowing.Thanks for blogging with me hotrod hope we can help each other as we grow peace harp on Hotrod :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for Lee Oskar A Harmonica minor harmonica to become available with JP’s gypsy harmonica lessons.

Harp ON!!

Not to be too critical, pjd, but a little punctuation would make your posts a lot easier to read. And I am interested.

John 95683, yes I am a lazy so & so am I not? but I am not illiterate.There you see I can even spell litrate ; D. [ are you a teacher by any chance John?]. I promise I wont do it again, glad you found my small offering of interest. peace, harp on. :-[

Yo, big buddy Joe –

I'm waiting for Lee Oskar A Harmonica minor harmonica to become available with JP's gypsy harmonica lessons.
As our friend David T kindly pointed out to me, it's called a [u][i]Lee Oskar: Minor Harmonic in A.[/i][/u]

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It can be confusing I know! Phew!

Keep On Harpin!

Thanks SPD,

I’m keeping my eyes open JP I think said they would be available with his gypsy course next week, I think 8)

That I hope is going to be fun Ashish liked it a lot I believe :smiley:

Can’t Wait ;D

Harp on!!