Lee Oskar's odd way of labeling harps.

I wonder why they just didn’t label all their brand in the “normal” way, i.e. Straight Harp or 1st Position Key?
They label their Major and Harmonic Minor in the Normal way but the Melody Maker and Natural Minor are labeled in Cross Harp or 2nd Position and if you don’t pay attention it can get kind of confusing, at least to me.
I’m use to kind of automatically transposing my harp from the key that’s on the harp to the cross harp key so I know for instance, if I’m going to be playing a song in the key of E I’ll need an A harp or if I’ll be playing in G I’ll grab my C harp. With the Melody Maker and Natural Minor this it totally turned upside down.
Personally, I wish they’d have just done all their harps one way or the other and left it at that. Even thought Industry Standard is 1st Position for labeling the key of the harp I think it’d be nice to label in Cross Harp since that’s the key that most of us play in anyway. That way if a song is in D you’d just grab the harp labeled “D” and be done with it instead of working out that you’d actually need the G harp from your kit.
Oh well, probably doesn’t matter much one way or the other, just wanted to throw this out there to see what everyone else things. Talk to ya’ll later and have a Great 4th. :wink:

Methinks you thinks too much, TNF! Hehehe!!!

I for one actually like that LO puts the 2nd position on their Majors keys. Certainly takes all the guess work out of knowing which one to grab for the Cross harp.

Although I don’t have any Melody Makers, a few friends explained that they were made specifically for Cross harp so you didn’t have to kill yourself bending on the straight harp in that position. So now I have at least one on my to-get list.

Being as our good friend JF pointed out in another thread that you can take one C harp and learn all 12 positions, then be done with it…Well, sounds like a plan to me, mon cher ami!

Happy Fourth back atcha as I’ll be chugging on a fifth!!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

LOL, yep, too much time on my hands. I tend to get a bit OCD about stuff. I did notice that L.O. does mark both 1st and 2nd position on their harps from reading more about them on the web site. That’s a great idea, helps to take the guess work out of pickin’ the right harp.
I’d like to pick up a Melody Maker or two eventually, I like the way they have an A for the 3 blow next to the G 2 draw and not two G’s next to each other. I do know the reason for the two G’s, so you’ll get a proper chord with both blow and draw but I think it’d make it easier to play a scale set up the MM way.