Lessons for beginners!

Well, I had a idea that y’all might like. I thought maybe everyone could leave a simple beginner lesson for people. Anything helps.

I’ll give a few examples!

bo diddley - I’m A Man - Classic Road Rock

This riff is very simple on harmonica.
-2 4(long) -3 -2(short)

How to bend (how I was taught!)
Have the tip of your tongue down and then the back of it on the roof of your mouth and while drawing air whisper e o.

Harmonicas do ray me fa so la te do
4 -4 5 -5 6 -6 -7 7

Hope it helps!

(If anything needs to be clarified just comment!)


For those who do not know, - means draw!

Same thing only easier to play maybe.
3 4 -3 3

Harp On!!

Thanks man! I’ll make sure to try it.

This is really going to show how much of a beginner I am

AM I right in assuming that the riffs referred to are on a C harmonica.

Supplementary question… If no key for the harmonica is mentioned should I always assume a C harmonica?

Howdy John!

Don’t sweat the stuff while you’re learning your way around the harmonica. It takes time, yo!

So no, you can play any riffs and almost any songs on any major key harmonica. The C the first best harp to begin with only because most song tabs are laid out in them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use others. However, you should do so only as the standard for learning. Only time and getting other key harps will you be able to notice the difference in sound.

As to the supplementary q, well, never ASSUME (hehehe!) but usually yes as far as the straight harmonica playing notes is concerned.

Hope this helps!



Keep On Harpin’!