I’ve been receiving lessons from JP on my email. Is there a way to group them together in to one permanent file? Also why can’t emails be bookmarked?

Uh, gee Mike IDK why not, and how?!

Meaning, I’m not being a wise ass here. I just don’t really understand the question. Meaning, I don’t know what email you use.

I have Yahoo; and I have a certain file on there that lets me put all of JPs emails into it. There’s gmail, hotmail and aol mail - All have there ways of filing. They’re all free. But I like the yahoo system the best.

As far as bookmarking goes? Well that’s usually done from your toolbar(s) isn’t it?

I have Windows Internet Explorer; AOL; Google; Yahoo; Alot on my screen- and I have favorites marked all over the place in each.

So even if you have one toolbar - I’m sure it has some function on it to save things to.

I hope this answers your questions.

Please keep us posted.


Keep on Harpin’!!

What I would do is create a folder on your desktop called JP - Lessons or something, and in that folder I’d create a Text document for each lessons you’ve recieved. That way you can easily navigate your way through them.

To get the text of your emails simply hold your right mouse button while you drag the cursor over the text you want, then when all the text is marked with blue you click Ctrl+c and then open your text document and click Ctrl+V.