Life Remembers

Hey to all;
I’m new to y’all, here; though I feel accepted, without condition. This topic is a bit off course; but I feel I can freely share. Recent news may hinder my plans to spread melodic & harmonic joys to young & old, alike.
I was raised a country boy. Spent plenty time smokin’ reef & droppin’, in the '60’s. Protested 'Nam; then, joined to beat the draft. Never saw combat, as I was Air Force, aircraft machinist support. Lost my high-school love, nine months into service. Traveled alot! Had plenty 'o good women! Married young & she left, taking my 18 mo. old son.
Met the true love of my life in '83; her & her brood of 3 kids. I took 'em all, & loved ‘em all! A bogus car wreck took her in ‘96. To this day; there’s rarely a minute goes by that I don’t think of her! My angel. Moved to the foothills of the Sierras in ‘06, to help my mom take care of my ailing dad. Great place…these mountains! Lost my best dog (White Shepherd-female) after 12 wonderful years of friendship!
I’ve been fighting almost perpetual respiratory ailments (coughing & such) for about six months. I went down to Modesto for some x-rays yesterday. The doc says he sees what appears to be a cancer. Lungs.
A smoker for over 40 years, I guess it’s to be expected, huh?! Well… obviously, I don’t know how long I’ll be around to learn this awesome harpin’ thing; but, one thing’s clear…I sure do hope y’all will keep this here forum goin’ on strong! For the short time I’ve been reading your thoughts, tips, observations, & suggestions; Y’all seem like the family I never had, when I was pluckin’ the guitar!
Thanks for being here, Y’all; and Merry Christmas to you & yours…Always!..Walboy

Hey Walboy, proud to know ya!


Yeah, what Mr. B said!

Welcome aboard walboy!
We are all willin to share what we know…
even if it’s wrong!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, what PB said!

Ya , well, don’t go gettin’ down in the dumps and all. I personnally know one man who lost a lung to cancer 12 years or so ago! He’s still kickin’. Happens to be my brother inlaw! So, you stay on that harmonica, because it will help your lungs! I was a smoker for 35 years, September 8, marked a year since I stopped. I stopped because I feel the Lord had been telling me for years. and I finally came to the place where I was ready. Secondly, I’ve only been playing 2 years, and since I have quit, my lung capacity has improved alot. Now I don’t have any test to show how much better, but 4 years ago, they said I had lungs of a 72 year old. I feel alot better now! I firmly believe that God is able to restore and heal, but even if He doesn’t. He is still Good! and He is God! So, to be point blank, what are you going to do? Give up? I certainly hope not. There’s to much to live for! Now, start harpin’ and enjoy life! Merry Christmas to you,also. And may the new year be the best one ever for you!

Special note: message me if you have questions ;D
(just for SPD and you are correct, hopefully this is better)

Hey Tyson, I do have the lungs of a 72 year old, and I quit one year ago after 52 years of smoking. God I love this place/forum! Just people with all the highs and lows life has to offer brought together by this simple little thing called a harmonica. Ya know what, it’s not the harmonica, it’s us!


That’s right Barry! It is us! We must always continue to support and encourage each other, not only playing harmonica, but doing life also! There is no second chance, this is the only shot we get and we must get it right! The consequences are to costly! ;D

Thanks sooo much to all of y’all!!! I’m fighting tears @ the keyboard…with lots of love. I’ll never give up! I believe, sometimes God gives us the lemons to make…well, y’all know. I do hope it’s a wrong diagnosis. More tests to come. But; whatever the outcome, I’ll charish the time shared here with folks who live by heart…by word, music, thought, & deed! Thanks for the encouragement, y’all! Outside of God, Himself talking here…there are no better than you****Harpsters & Lovers through & through!!!..Walboy

Hi to all you harpin’ buds;
Sorry ‘bout all the ‘mushy’ stuff last nite. I threw a little pity-party & got hit by the demon Canadian Whiskey. The old hooch has a bit bigger bite than I remember! Anyway; my core meaning is still the same. I’m sure now that we friends-of-the-wind should stick together. I’m certain I’ll be leaning on y’all for harpin’ tips, as I continue to try to learn this tricky instrument.
Things are back on center. I have lots of tests & biopsies, and other stuff to try to prove the original doc wrong.
I don’t have a good enough ear to know what note a song is played in. Is there a quick way to match-up a song to which key harp to jam along with? With my guitar it was easy; just pluck the ‘E’ string & move down the frets, then clip on the cheater. Is there a fast, similar method with the harp? It seems that by the time I get to the right key Piedmont, the song’s almost over. Thanks…Walboy

That’s pretty much the way you do it. But, if your brave…ask! ;D
But then again, it takes alot of time to get all that stuff down. Now if you can read music, then you would know that no sharps and no flats is key C
Key of G would have a sharp on the F line ie the top line. But I don’t know all that stuff either. I have cheat sheets! ::slight_smile:
Happy harpin’! ;D

Hey Walboy,

Thanks for sharing your story. We’re all glad to have you in the family. :slight_smile:

I don't have a good enough ear to know what note a song is played in. Is there a quick way to match-up a song to which key harp to jam along with? With my guitar it was easy; just pluck the 'E' string & move down the frets, then clip on the cheater. Is there a fast, similar method with the harp?

If you can figure out the key of the song with your guitar, then you can take a harmonica in that key and play along. If the song is in G, just take a G harp.

If you’re into bending, then you could also use C harmonica to play in the key of G (this is called second position in the harmonica universe).

Trying to figure out the key of a song with only a harmonica requires a bit of trial and error. It’s easier with a guitar.


Walboy-yep I do the Piedmont shuffle. I like those little plastic harmonicas. They’re soft and quiet.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the words of wisdom y’all!
Hey Ty; what do you mean by cheat sheets? Are they in a format that you can share (Word, PDF, etc.)? Or are they hand-written? Anyway, just thought I’d ask. I don’t read music, unfortunately. Otherwise; I’d be jammin’ on tons of written tunes I’ve collected over the years (30+). I learned some of the basics, back when I was in a gospel choir, & started guitar. I never got fluent, though. Thanks…Merry Christmas!..Walboy

Cheat Sheets…Walboy3, just get on your computer and look up how to tab songs. One place for harmonica is Harpin’an’aWhinin’. He gives a discription of how to tab sheet music for harmonica.
Also look up Harmonica Tab Rulers. Diatonic, should have a sheet with all the keys in sheet music form. It will give you the notes, blow draw etc. +1 is blow -1 is draw, etc. It will show all the Sharps and flats for each Key.
Then look up positions played on harmonica. That will be a good chart for ya!
Then there is the cheat card I have for 2nd position, of coarse you can count up 5 from the note to find second position. Harp key C= 1st position, harp key C second position is G ie C,D,E,F,G
Ok second position for an A harp—A,B,C,D, E–E is second position. Now I made a card that I carry in my Fake book of tunes. That way if I want to play 2nd position and don’t remember the harp to use, easy referance.

These are the kind of things that I mean by cheat sheets, I can’t remember all this stuff! ;D
Happy Harpin’!

Thanks Ty! Great stuff. I have about 100 songs tabbed for ‘C’ diatonic that I got from Until you showed me a place to go to learn how to tab songs for myself, I’ve been @ the mercy of those who already have. But, they’re not exactly the songs I’d like to put life into, myself. A little burnt from Christmas now; but, I’m going to check out the site you shared, tomorrow. Let y’all know how it goes. Harp-Ya-Later…Walboy