Limitations of C harmonica

I’ve just completed JP’s introductory lessons and have loved them. I am not a great player yet, but I really have fun playing. am looking forward to some of the more advanced lessons - and would love to learn to bend.

when I began (in February) I committed to playing along with some friends at a party next month where they will be doing a couple Dylan numbers (Times they are a changing and Blowin in the wind), but am worried in case my C harmonica will be wrong for those. Any advice? does it matter? Must I insist they sing/play in C? “They” will be a singer and a guitarist strumming along.

Grateful for any advice on this and how anxious I ought to be about it.

If they are playing blues then they’ll play in the key of G so your C harmonica will be perfect. If they play it folksy then you need them to play in C. According to JP anyway ;D

PS I hope I’m remembering right - need to go back and check unless someone else chimes in! Yup, I’m right :slight_smile: Have a blast!!