Limited Time Only: Cash For Klunkers!

Yeah, okay, it’s not another Potus Obama stimuli package debacle/fiasco/whatever -

But it is a cool idea and promo from an enterprising harp man nonetheless! :smiley:

Just got off the phone with their nice assistant, and she said my Turboharps will be finished by next week. Wunderbar!

Also, said I liked her new promo and would post it on our forum! Muchos Gracias!

So if you’re getting ready to try a new harp and want to participate in getting a discount for now or later –

Or you have some old beaters hanging/laying around and want to give them to somebody who just might have more use for them than you do -

Turbo Harp could be the place for you! :wink:

Peace & SPD Out!

Hey Dude,

Which Turboharps did you buy. Was just checkin their page and was wonderin which ones you bought. Barry also bought some according to previous post. Let us know which ones and hou you like em. Thanks


Purchased four Turbo/BXs - C, A, Bb and Low F! All in different colors too! :slight_smile:

This is their newest product, but I have no idea what this is or really does:

Said I’d ship them a box of old junk harps I got from Richard Sleigh who sent them to me to practice maintenance on. Cool beans with them!

And as soon as I get my Turbos in, will be sure to review them here on the forum. :wink:

I’m guessing those reeds in their new product would have to be made of some ferrous metal. That rules out brass, stainless, and phosphor bronze. I wonder what the reeds are made of?