Link to altering a 520DX?

I’ve read there is a simple mod to these Shure’s that improves them greatly. Thoughts on this? Link to the mod? Thanks

i know this in kinda old but i just saw it. the most common mod is to replace the element for one made in the 90’s or earlier. its you easy to do but can be expensive. Another common mod is to remove the resistor (not all DX mics have the resistor). The resister deadens the top end a little which can help prevent feedback so depending on your needs removing the resister could be just what you need to liven up your tone or it could make your mic a feedback monster when you are on stage with your amp turned to eleven. Instead of removing the resistor you could bridge the resistor with a small capacitor, around 250p, to give you a presence cut if you want a darker tone or have feedback problems. Finally you could change the pot used to control your volume. Cheap pots hurt your tone so if you replace the pot go with something premium. I like bourse (sp?). I do NOT like cts pot and never use a mini pot. If you change the value of the pot that can also change how the mic performs. Higher value pots will make the signal a little hotter and improves top end but reduces the smoothness of the taper. A 500k pot would give you a nice hot signal but it would behave like an on/off switch. A 50k pot would significantly reduce signal and darken your tone but you would have a very smooth taper on your volume knob. I don’t have links to any websites but these mods are pretty straight forward.

Edit: I fixed some mistakes in my post that were there mainly because I was using my ps vita and my fat fingers often hit wrong keys and/or it goes auto correct crazy and can sometimes change whole sentences. Anyway, if you took any of the ideas to heart reread my post now that it has been fixed.

Hey thanks for that info.
I picked up a Bill Lawrence sound hole pick up Friday
at a thrift store for almost free (along with a decent
set of studio headphones). Works like it’s supposed to.
Now it’s time to swap it for something I can use. Maybe
I will aim toward a used harp mic I can mod. I don’t usually
use hand cupped mic. I’m a chromatic player too.
Good info. Thanks!


I wouldn’t get a mic with the aim of modding. Most of a mics tone comes from the element and and is the expensive part to replace. The other things you can do are more about fine tuning and less about getting a dramatic change in tone. If you want to tinker with mics then buy your own element and make your own housing and essentially build your own mic.

That’s really what I am aiming to do. I’ll start off with some used piece and probably carve a wooden housing. I am also a wood sculptor. I know who I will bother when I need info. Watch out. You’ve let us know you have valuable info.