Links, Links & More Links!

Okay – So in getting this forum off the ground, figured it’d be nice to have at least one good area to post links. With so many places to visit, certainly it’s no end all to be all.

If you’re already a harmonica universe surfer, you may be familiar with some of these websites. If you’re just now stepping into the harmonica universe, well here’s a good place to start.

Thing is, either way, there’s always something new to learn, someplace new to venture to. And by all means feel free and welcome to post your own as well!


The Grandfather Maestros

Online Harmonica Schools

Please note: Along with the JP Allen Home Harmonica Course Boxed DVD set, and the launch of this support forum to better assist you with your investment in the harmonica instrument as a whole – Still, there are many fine online training courses and online teachers one may wish to invest in as supplements to their own training/playing as well.

Hey, we’re not proud! And don’t worry, we’re not getting any kickbacks either! We’re just posting links to help everyone here on their journeys along and through the harmonica universe.

So by all means, check the school websites out. If you’d like to offer a review good, bad or indifferent; or even ask for more information pertaining to any them from those who may’ve already signed up for them –Feel free to post your thoughts here on the forum! Thanks!

Harmonica Maintenance Introduction

Other Cool Sites*

*Direct from my own Favorites Bar

Amazing resources Joe!

For learning songs I also love


Just so anyone doesn’t think this forum is for beginners only (yet we all have to start somewhere…but still…) I found this great link a while back:

If you’re thinking about turning pro or eventually hope to do so one of these days, Mr. Randy Singer offers a free downloadable Musician’s Handbook.

I believe his tips and suggestions are priceless! And hope you will as well!


Lots of helpful links there, Street Player. :slight_smile:

Here are some more:

The Diatonic Reference ( - This website is like a harmonica encyclopedia. It has LOTS of information about diatonic harmonicas.

Harmonica Note Layout Generator ( - It generates all the notes available on a harmonica (in any key)…including bends, and overbends! I always find this helpful at times.


Yes, Tinus is ‘The Man’ for overblows!

He put down into written words what Howard Levy could only describe in his Homespun video turned cd!

An amazing fete at that!! :wink:

Just a shout out to my School. After finishing JP’s dvd set went searching for a good place to continue
this life time journey and came across I’m glad it got listed SPD.

Real good value for the money,
very challenging course to take.

Freshman and sophmore year went reasonably quick, but just wait for that dreaded junior year me thinks
you’ll be there for a while, me I’ve been there, stuck in junior year for 10 months now >:( >:( :’(

That’s a long time considering I did freshman and sophmore year in 3 months.

Still have to tackle senior year.

Harp on!!

I will second exactly what Joe has said re the Harmonica Academy. Very challenging course. Mostly fiddle tunes of Celtic origin and some bluegrass but also has a stream of studies for blues.

From what I understand the HA is the largest harmonica school on the planet with a huge school in China where its mostly Tremolo harmonicas that are popular. Recently another HA opened for Spanish speaking students.

Very well structured easy to follow but difficult and challenging. Has a small forum for members who share their progress & setbacks plus generally support each other. Good selection of interesting tunes tabbed & recorded in fast and slower versions and in different keys. Plus a fantastic resource of backing tracks for students to download.

But no one site has all the answers we need in our long journey to become better players.

yea Ive taken some lessons from 3 of the 5 schools you got on there,plus some of Adam gussows stuff,I took David gage course harmonica lessons for 6 months,Its a good source of refearance material and tabs for standard non blues harmonica not alot of lessons though,
I have also taken 1 1/2 years at Harmonica Academy a great school exspecially if you want to learn celtic harmonica,I agree with David and Joe its challenging well built and nice price,I shall return i just left there the other day,But the celtic tunes are challenging and i had to take a break,because blues is my love,and although HA has a comprehensive blues study the main focus is celtic tunes what i mean by that is the celtic tunes are taught note for note in the lessons the blues section of HA is a basic outline very in depth but not note for note like the celtic section is,So this last couple weeks ive been At David Barrets Harmonica,com where he takes it a step farther into the blues,you have to learn songs note for note and he grades each step as you go,plus theres alot of info on,comunicating with the band like the head starts on the 4 chord key of E shuffle,stuff like that but it cost more money,and is a monthly payment where as the other 2 are 6 months at a time,Adam Gussow has free lessons and lessons you can buy but i dont recomend them unless your are intermediate player,But if you are they are good,he teaches a lot of blues standards note for note also.Maybe after a few months of David Barrets school i might be able to utilize Adams stuff,Its not easy.out of all them I highly recomend Harmonica academy for the best value or if you want to learn celtic harmonica,and David Barrets course is outstanding so far for the blues exspecially if you want to take it to the next level,But i havent been there long enough to say what my long term feelings are about the school but so far it does seem worth the extra money.

i just remembered a good one David T told me about its free and has a cool visual tool to see the notes being played and lots of stuff to learn on there

I just got down here to this post and I will jump on Harmonica Academy band wagon. Supper great coarse! Plus, you get Tony’s CD Black Mountain Harmonia, talk about playing fast! It’s what I join instead of buying JP’s coarse. Don’t think I messed up, how do you think I learned to play single notes as cleanly as I do.
I also am in Junior year and been there about as long as Joe Feeney. My plans are to finish tunes through Senior then start over on Blues. So I may be a member for a few more years.
The main thing that I have grown to Cherish is the friendly camaraderie that is given by fellow students on the forum. which seems to be case at this sight also.

Note: couln’t get Monster Harmonica Workbench to pull, says it’s not found.

Plus, you get Tony's CD Black Mountain Harmonica

Yo, Ty-man!

Did that come with the school, because I’m also signed up there too? I don’t spend much time if any there. I don’t know why. And yet it seems a lot of you from HA have stumbled into this place here, go figure, eh?! hehehehee!

I’m also at David Gage’s, which I’ll probably drop after my subscription runs out.

And I resigned with another credit card for Howard Levy. And I don’t spend much time there either, go figure again!

Getting back to Tony’s place though - Is the CD free or pay for?!


Its free when you sign up…

harp on!!

Well, dammit man! I’m going to have to check that out whence I ever get out of here then! ::slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, yo! :wink:

Charlie Musslewhite was/is Elwood’s guest player this week!

But should be listening to Elwood every week!!

Keep on jammin’!

Bon Jour, Alpha!

I’ll say that site is new!

Perhaps JP is starting another one…hehehe!!

And “nuho-ho-ho” <<<okay, it sounds better than it reads. My French! No, not Marcel Marceau; he was a pantomime! Rather this guy below. Sure, he did so many great songs; but I thought every dude with their better half has experienced this at least ONCE, if not more! Enjoy, Cherie! nuho-ho-ho! SPD Out!>>>

i know there is a string somewhere on this forum listing the top places to purchace harmonicas and acc. but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it. Anybody got a few names to share or a company that treated them right?

Hi Paul,

If I remember right it’s across the country west coast and its call Rockin Ron’s

He went out of his way for me.

So I and a lot of other people highly recommend him.

Harp On!!

i know there is a string somewhere on this forum listing the top places to purchase harmonicas and acc.
This one here, PB:!/

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Thanks to SPD I’ve just discovered the Bluesmobile! ;D

Just had Buddy Guy on as the guest, excellent music and NO ADS to spoil the view, and ‘Elwood’ doesn’t talk over the top of the music.


Plus you can sign up to possibly win some cool blues prizes!

Good luck!!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)